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“My biggest fetish is life itself and all that is fabulous.”
Masuimi MaxMy favourite. Always.

Cupcake domination + Return of the cupcake bra.

Lastnight was the 2nd Annual Cupcake Throwdown at Cafe Deux Soleil… And I am pleased to announce that my Sweet Potato Carrot Cupcake with Cinnamon Cream Cheese Frosting took 3rd place in the Taste Category!   It was my first time competing and trying out a new cupcake concoction (nervewracking, I know) but I am glad it was received very well! I had so much fun there and met some fantastic kick-ass bakers. It was super nice to meet so many great people that share this same crazy cupcake obsession as I… Most important news of all, a whopping $2600 was raised for H.A.V.E. — I am absolutely ecstatic at this news. Thank you to Stephanie for throwing on such an amazing event and to all my friends and tweeps that came out.  Also, I totally forgot my camera at home yesterday so if anyone has any photos from the event, I would love to see them!

Oh, and prizes? I got a few gift certificates to Six Acres, Burcu’s, and Deacon’s. Anyone want to come with?
Katy Perry California Dreams Tour
In other cupcake news, I just got tickets to Katy Perry’s California Dreams Tour! My friend had presale and snagged me some tickets. Not really a big fan of her though… just want to wear my epic California Gurls costume again! Stoked. July 19th, 2011. Can’t wait.

Tomorrow: Cupcake Throwdown.

If you haven’t tried my Dolce Delights cupcakes already, tomorrow is the day! I will be competing in the 2nd Annual Cupcake Throwdown at Cafe Deux Soleil on Commercial Drive.  The event is scheduled from 7:00-10:00pm and $10.00 admission.  All proceeds from the event go towards H.A.V.E. (Hope Action Values Ethics) which is a social enterprise based in the DTES which sends disenfranchised youth to culinary school for 8 weeks where they get to learn culinary and practical skills by preparing food for the H.A.V.E Cafe.  This is an issue that I definitely support because it gives certain at-risk youth the opportunity to discover and practice their talent and hidden potential.  And also because I am huge fan of food and cooking. So please do come out and support!  Not just for me, but because this is going towards a great cause.

I am still deliberating on which cupcake I should make for tomorrow. It’s probably going to be something experimental. Right now, I am leaning towards a Sweet Potato Cupcake with Cinnamon Cream Cheese frosting. Still debating if I should fill them with a creme anglaise as well… And should I make it vegan?  Hm… We’ll see on how much time I have after I finish school in the afternoon.  Hope to see (and meet!) some fantastic bakers, tweeps, and good company.

PS. Samples will be given out. And when I say samples, I mean whole mini cupcakes. Yeah. Be there.

FYI, I’m a musical theatre junkie.

I am wildly obsessed with musicals. So when I heard the lineup of amazing musicals coming to Vancouver this year, I was ecstatic. Avenue Q in February, Legally Blonde in March, Hairspray in May, Wicked in June. I think I pretty much died and went to heaven. All of them are nothing new to me with the exception of Avenue Q. So excited to see it next week. The original Broadway cast recording is utterly hilarious and for god’s sake, they’re MUPPETS. It’s going to be a great show. Stoked!


TangledRemember when Disney made awesome feel good classics like The Lion King, Beauty and the Beast, and Aladdin? Well I recently watched Tangled and I’ve gotta say that Disney is finally on its way back to reworking old fairytales and creating movies that I would actually add to my DVD collection. Tangled tells the old tale of Rapunzel, whose magical long locks are protected by her “mother” who kidnapped her while she was a baby and her journey of escaping her lonely tower. The music, visuals, voices, and characters were spot on. The film had everything a typical Disney movie would have — singing heroine, evil stepmother, hunky guy who “saves” her, sidekick animal, and of course, melodic conversation. It was awesome. So buying it when it comes out on DVD. And c’mon now, with the antagonist looking like Cher and Rapunzel being voiced by Mandy Moore, how could you say this isn’t a great movie?!


I had an eventful week filled with tweet ups, launch parties, good food and company, and of course, school. The media launch party for A Little More Good was on Wednesday night at 560 and frankly, I wasn’t expecting anything too crazy. Boy, was I wrong. I showed up around 8:30pm, just half an hour after the party got started and there was a huge line outside! I peered inside and the place was jam-packed, wall-to-wall. Once in, I saw some familiar faces and made some new connections. Prizes and silent auction were amazing — signed Canucks jersey, Steve Nash Sports Club membership, spa packages, and more. Sushi was delish (anyone know where it was from?) and the San Pellegrino was overflowing. I had an amazing time. Congratulations to Katie and the whole team at ALMG!
A Little More GoodI also received some tickets for the advanced screening of No Strings Attached, starring Natalie Portman and Ashton Kutcher. I didn’t have high hopes for this movie but was pleasantly surprised! I loved it. Absolutely hilarious. Natalie Portman > Ashton Kutcher. Easier on the eyes. Go watch it. You’ll laugh your ass off.
No Strings AttachedAfter that, headed over to Rogue Wetbar + Kitchen at Waterfront for the masquerade tweetup hosted by Chatterbox. Super fun night. Met some awesome tweeps and mingled with the usual suspects. Wish I was there for the beginning though!  Apparently there were giving out phones throughout the evening and, well, you all know of my sad phone situation.
Rogue Masquerade Tweet UpAnywho, it’s been a super fun week. Looking forward to making some dough and Project GIVE seminar this weekend. This year is turning out pretty great so far!

Did someone say “Cupcake Throwdown”?

Some exciting news: I will be competing in the 2nd Annual Cupcake Throwdown next Wednesday, January 26th, at Cafe Deux Soleil. The event is from 7:00-10:00pm and admission is $10. There will be fifteen bakers all presenting a unique cupcake flavour of their choice. Cupcakes will be judged on taste and presentation and samples will be given out as well. My question for you guys would be: What flavour should I enter for the competition?

– Vegan sweet potato cupcakes with marshmallow frosting topped with candied pecans
– Earl grey cupcakes with Earl grey buttercream
– Gotcha Matcha cupcakes with matcha buttercream frosting

I’m also open to suggestions! Thanks and hope to see you guys out there!