Staff parties are always dangerous.

Whenever staff parties occur, some stupid shit always happens. Last year, Keg: my iPhone broke.  This year, Glowbal: my iPhone broke. I swear this is like some kind of sick sign: DO NOT BRING PHONES TO STAFF PARTIES EVER. So yeah. I’m without a phone, music, Lady Gaga TapTap, Foursquare, tweeting, texting, LIFE…atleast for the next month. I need to pay my bill, buy textbooks, contacts, and then a new phone. FML. RIP second iPhone 3GS.

Glowbal Staff Party Glowbal Staff Party
Glowbal Staff Party Glowbal Staff Party
Atleast the staff party was enjoyable, from what I remember. Held at Coast and O Lounge, the place was jam packed with staff from all of the Glowbal restaurants. Casino royale upstairs, Rock Band competition in O Lounge, delicious food prepared by all the talented chefs, and of course, non-stop drinks all night! Ended up at Republic yet again running into Carmen and then my cousin who drove me home and got his license suspended for 3 months. Such a memorable night.


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