Cupcake Wars.

Everyone around town knows me as the “Cupcake Girl” because of my kick-ass cupcake biz, Dolce Delights, which is why I was super thrilled when the Food Network came out with this awesome new show, Cupcake Wars. How fitting!
Cupcake Wars
Okay, well the show isn’t exactly new (apparently it began airing in late 2009) but it is still amazing news to me!  As an aspiring cupcakepreneur, this show gives bakers and caterers a chance to dish it out…cupcake style. Each contestant is presented with a special theme ingredient (Iron Chef style) and must bake the cupcakes highlighting the key ingredient in a mere 45 minutes. I just finished watching the show as it recently just aired in Canada 30min ago and was so super stoked when it came on. The show gives such great exposure to those selected to be on it. One contestant didn’t even have a storefront until after she appeared on the show!!! How amazing is that?! It was so mind-blowing to me that when I heard they were casting for Season 2, I immediately applied. Hopefully it’s open to Canadian residents! I’m sure Americans can handle some healthy Canadian competition.


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