Goodbye bad boys, hello nice guys!

Often times, you can catch me bitching about all the douchebag men we have in this city. And more often than that, you can catch me muttering phrases such as “I’m done” and “I’m over it” in regards to these egotistical assholes.  But when is it really “over”? That one person just has to say the right words and I’ll soon be crawling back.  It’s too easy.  Every single time.  And why is that?  Why do we continually keep going back when we know and are aware of their manipulative capabilities?  On one hand, I have learnt on what I can and cannot tolerate and on the other, I’ve discovered just how vulnerable I really am.  I have gotten used to being disrespected and treated like shit by men that when the average Joe around the corner does a nice gesture, I am completely blown away. “He actually did that for me”, I boast to my friends.  It’s sad, I know.  Despite all my crazy dating stories, there has only been…two, no, make that one and a half, men that have been genuinely gentlemanly to me.  Honestly, I think it’s a comfort thing — it’s easy, it’s familiar to us. I am definitely a victim of this but I am sick of tolerating shit and justifying and defending their actions. What about that nice guy who has always but subtly been in the picture for years? New year, new opportunities. Bad boys are so last year. 2011 is the year for the nice guy. Time to give gym guy a chance!

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