TangledRemember when Disney made awesome feel good classics like The Lion King, Beauty and the Beast, and Aladdin? Well I recently watched Tangled and I’ve gotta say that Disney is finally on its way back to reworking old fairytales and creating movies that I would actually add to my DVD collection. Tangled tells the old tale of Rapunzel, whose magical long locks are protected by her “mother” who kidnapped her while she was a baby and her journey of escaping her lonely tower. The music, visuals, voices, and characters were spot on. The film had everything a typical Disney movie would have — singing heroine, evil stepmother, hunky guy who “saves” her, sidekick animal, and of course, melodic conversation. It was awesome. So buying it when it comes out on DVD. And c’mon now, with the antagonist looking like Cher and Rapunzel being voiced by Mandy Moore, how could you say this isn’t a great movie?!


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