Recipe to Riches.

Recipe to RichesFood Network Canada is holding open casting calls for their newest show, Recipe to Riches, on Saturday, February 12th, 2011. If selected, I will be flown to Toronto to compete against other selected participants with their own cherished recipe in various categories.  Winner receives $250,000 and their recipe gets published and made-to-sell by President’s Choice. Of course, I will be entering because who knows, this may be my claim to fame. And everyone knows how I am determined to be the next Food Network star. I’ve got a penchant for food, fame, and fortune and the camera loves me so why not? The only question is, what recipe should I submit? Cupcake or…? For those of you who have been fortunate to have been invited to my lunches and dinners, what would you suggest I enter?! I need feedback, people!!!

Also, I need a pretty sweet videocamera to record my submission. Any takers? Will pay in the form of baked goods.

One Comment on “Recipe to Riches.”

  1. William Rose says:

    I love cooking, collecting all the recipe ideas I can, thanks for this!

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