DTES cookie drop: Round 2.

Remember the cookie drop I participated last month? Well, this month, I took the liberty of starting one of my own. Since Valentine’s Day is coming up in the next couple of weeks and I am alone…again…I decided to take my love to the streets. The DTES cookie drop will take place on Sunday, February 13th, 2011 so that couples can make it, people who work can make it, etc. I am aiming for a large group to come out so PLEASE tell all your friends.  The event is free and if you have nothing better to do, come out and spread the love.

So what’s going down?  Same as last time. Bake a dozen or so cookies, wrap em, meet at Chill Winston at 4:30pm, embark at 4:45pm, walk over to Main & Hastings, and go mad on the distribution of cookies. Honestly should be done no later than 5:15pm (since I have to work at 6pm). Would love to see some familiar and new faces there. And hey, it’s for a good cause. More deetz here.



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