Highschool reunion.

I had lunch with two of my very good friends from highschool earlier today. Amidst reminiscing about our highschool experience, the topic of “Remember _______?” emerged. With a little gossip and Facebook creeping, we were surprised at the array of…professions our graduating class was equipped with. A large diversity which included: married with children, a child with no marriage, engaged, arrested and charged with multiple counts of fraud, professional hockey player, professional stoners, drug dealers, highschool dropout returning and graduated with diploma, art teacher at our old highschool, a few in the Eastcoast doing good with what they do with co-op and other amazing opportunities, a ton that have definitely gained the freshman 15, and the majority of us still in the “student’ status and/or graduated and struggling to find a job. We also wondered about some past peers and what they were doing now.  A big chunk of our graduating class is on Facebook so it’s easy to stay “connected” but others, I honestly wonder where they’ve disappeared off to. It’s really amazing to see the variance amongst our very unique group. And even though it’s only been four years, it’s interesting to see how much people have changed — and how much some people haven’t. I can say that I am definitely looking forward to my 10 year reunion — 6 years to go!

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