Love and Other Drugs.

Love and Other DrugsI finally watched Love and Other Drugs with my girlfriends a couple of nights ago. It was a hilarious movie — Jake Gyllenhaal, tons of sex, and lots of giggles — my kind of chick flick. But the “serious” part of the movie (Anne Hathaway’s character suffers from Parkinson’s disease) was actually very interesting to me as well. I, too, suffer from an autoimmune disorder with little chance of me fully being able to recover or atleast get back to the state I was at prior to my diagnosis. It was especially intriguing to me because I could actually relate to how she was feeling in the film. Even the little comments and dialogue that was made in the film (“How could you be interested in a sick girl?”, “Go and find a healthy girl and don’t waste your time”) was a little hard for me to swallow because I’ve been there and know what it’s like to suffer and to have other people take care of you. It’s hard. Never knew that this movie could trigger such feelings.

Other than that, I went out to Barcelona lastnight for a friend’s birthday party and shortly after we had left, one of the bouncers at the club got shot in the leg. We were just at Blenz at the time of the shooting and I guess I was really drunk because I didn’t even hear the gunshots at all. Talk about oblivious. Hopefully the guy who got it is alright.

Finally, DTES Cookie Drop part 2 happened earlier this evening. Super tiny turnout (dude, there was like three of us in total) but the end feeling is absolutely amazing. Thank you to the two young ladies who came out and distributed out the cookies.

In the meantime, waiting on someone to pick up cupcakes because I am in dire need of a nap. This paper is going nowhere and I really need to just shut my brain off for an hour before I can continue any work.  God, this is brutal. Who makes papers due on reading break!?!?


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