Juicy Couture’s genius marketing strategy.

Juicy CoutureWho doesn’t love the ultra feminine brand, Juicy Couture? Easily one of my all-time favourite brands (besides Betsey Johnson), they are known for their super soft velour and terrycoth tracksuits, glimmering charms, and over-the-top luxury goods. What makes them so successful? Why would someone want to buy an overpriced tracksuit? I honestly don’t know but they do a damn good job at reeling and attracting young girls and women (and I am talking at ALL ages) to buying their “stuff”. Literally, stuff. Juicy isn’t all about their rainbow hued tracksuits (honestly, far from being a fashion statement) — they are more concerned about selling a lifestyle. And I, for one, certainly buy into that.
Juicy CoutureIf you have ever visited a Juicy boutique, you are quickly emersed in all things girlie. Pink everything, jars overflowing with candy, bows, candy coloured everything, their infamous terry and velour wall, and so much more. I’m completely sold and I immediately want to buy everything. It’s like a rush… I’ve been to five Juicy boutiques since there aren’t any in BC (yet… one opens in PC later this year…which I shamelessly applied for *scream*) including the infamous flagship store on 5th Ave in NYC. Amazed everytime. Also felt the need to buy something every single time. I’ve never left emptyhanded at a Juicy store. It’s insane.
Juicy CoutureThe best thing about Juicy, in my opinion, is the way they attempt to Juicy-fy EVERYTHING. I am not even lying here. Baby carriages, laptop cases, limited edition Monopoly, dog leashes, pink keyboard cases, gloves for texting, Juicy Sidekicks, dog clothes, Barbie dolls and the list goes on. I remember buying a piece of shit Juicy camera for $60. I bought it because it was pink and super cute. Friends later urged me to return it. I did. During my trip to NYC last year, I felt compelled to buy something at the enormous Juicy flagship store. I bought a heart-shaped 1GB Juicy USB stick for $50. Um, ridiculous, much? It is that insane. Just this morning, I bought a Juicy yoga mat and case and a velour robe. Some bitch took the last Juicy towel set. I wanted to kill him/her. Call me crazy, but I am a huge Juicy fanatic.
Juicy CoutureAnother thing that just attracts me to the Juicy brand would be their beautifully crafted advertisements and in-your-face slogans. See the ads that I have used in this post?  Delicate, feminine, light, elegant. The epitome of  girl. Overconsumption and outrageous — very Marie Antoinette-like. Not to mention that they are also notorious for the taglines. “Buy Me Stuff”, “For Nice Girls Who Like Stuff”, “Viva Juicy”, “Go Couture Yourself”, “Smells Like Couture”, “Peace, Love, and Couture”, “Some Girls Have all the Juicy” — you get the point. Cute, catchy, and effective. It’s visual porn, eye candy, an eyegasm.
Juicy CoutureThe women behind Juicy have definitely created the ultimate girl’s brand that caters to all women, except those can’t afford it (which is just unfortunate). They have noticed this niche market, a huge one might I add, and have created the “it” product that all women and girls must have. Juicy has turned into a lifestyle — a tactic that will keep the customers coming, making it sustainable throughout the years. I, for one, know I will be a Juicy girl forever. Ask anyone, it’s true. I am THAT consumer. So easy, just too easy. Sucked in forever. I know. It’s like a Juicy addiction.
Juicy CoutureFor the inside scoop on the Juicy lifestyle, check out this paper I found on the web on Juicy Couture. Very interesting read! Wish it was more in-depth and qualitative. Maybe I’ll just have to write a paper on it… And yes, I wrote this entry instead of studying for my midterms + writing real academic papers. Go me.
Juicy Couture

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