Still bitter about V-Day.

Cupcake RoyaleYep, I’m still kind of bitter about V-Day, not going to lie. To reinstate, all I got was a text saying “Happy Valentine’s Day” from gym guy. I was aware that he had to make a trip down to Seattle so I guessed he would be busy preparing for his trip. I gave him the chance to make it up when he got back. I received half a dozen cupcakes from my favourite cupcake place in Seattle, Cupcake Royale, including an assortment of all the best flavours: Salted Caramel, Dance Party, Red Velvet, Kate, Lavendar, and Peppermint Party (cupcakes…key to my heart!!!). But what makes this non-special is that he’s already done this before. He’s done so many little sweet things so why didn’t he do anything on Valentine’s Day!?! I know that Valentine’s Day is a super socially constructed Hallmark holiday but still, the romantic in me tells me that it’s the best day ever. So what’s his deal?!?! I really don’t understand. Why does he do all this nice stuff? Is he just a nice guy? Is it because I broke his heart two years ago? Do I have to spell everything out for him!??!? I honestly never thought I would be making a big deal out of this but… WTF?!?! DO I…. dare I say it…. HAVE A CRUSH ON GYM GUY!? Kill me now.


6 Comments on “Still bitter about V-Day.”

  1. kevvur says:

    Oh Steph…cheer up! Valentine’s Day is just a stupid way of celebrating one’s affection for each other. Stop worrying about this guy and just roll with the punches. You’ll just end up ruining your mood the more you stress over it. *e-hug

  2. a salted caramel cupcake sounds amazing. and yes, i think you have a crush on gym guy.

  3. @Saschie: Salted Caramel is always amazing!!! But why is it ALWAYS chocolate?!?! Hmph. Their limited edition pumpkin maple one was to die for… omg drool*

    @Kevvur: LOL I know I shouldn’t even be worrying about it but it’s just kind of annoying to me. Dude you know something that’s funny/creepy? Your name’s Kevin Yee right? I totally had a thing w/ a guy from Montreal with the same name! hahaha weird eh!?

  4. Reach says:

    Awwww. Love ya loadsssss

  5. e says:

    You want his special attention, not because you like him or have a crush on him, but because you don’t have it. The concept of Valentine’s Day is also ridiculously UNromantic if you think about it – you need a reason (ie everyone else is doing it, everyone knows it’s Valentine’s Day, everyone’s EXPECTING it) to be extra nice to that special someone. And why are you expecting so much from someone you aren’t actually giving back to? Maybe he expected something from you on V Day too, didn’t, and that’s why all you got were those cupcakes.

    • Thank you for bringing that up. You can see right through me!!! But it’s true, I am a little lonely and am just craving some TLC. I’m tired of giving my generosity and am craving some chivalry. Sigh.

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