Still bitter about V-Day.

Cupcake RoyaleYep, I’m still kind of bitter about V-Day, not going to lie. To reinstate, all I got was a text saying “Happy Valentine’s Day” from gym guy. I was aware that he had to make a trip down to Seattle so I guessed he would be busy preparing for his trip. I gave him the chance to make it up when he got back. I received half a dozen cupcakes from my favourite cupcake place in Seattle, Cupcake Royale, including an assortment of all the best flavours: Salted Caramel, Dance Party, Red Velvet, Kate, Lavendar, and Peppermint Party (cupcakes…key to my heart!!!). But what makes this non-special is that he’s already done this before. He’s done so many little sweet things so why didn’t he do anything on Valentine’s Day!?! I know that Valentine’s Day is a super socially constructed Hallmark holiday but still, the romantic in me tells me that it’s the best day ever. So what’s his deal?!?! I really don’t understand. Why does he do all this nice stuff? Is he just a nice guy? Is it because I broke his heart two years ago? Do I have to spell everything out for him!??!? I honestly never thought I would be making a big deal out of this but… WTF?!?! DO I…. dare I say it…. HAVE A CRUSH ON GYM GUY!? Kill me now.


Juicy Couture’s genius marketing strategy.

Juicy CoutureWho doesn’t love the ultra feminine brand, Juicy Couture? Easily one of my all-time favourite brands (besides Betsey Johnson), they are known for their super soft velour and terrycoth tracksuits, glimmering charms, and over-the-top luxury goods. What makes them so successful? Why would someone want to buy an overpriced tracksuit? I honestly don’t know but they do a damn good job at reeling and attracting young girls and women (and I am talking at ALL ages) to buying their “stuff”. Literally, stuff. Juicy isn’t all about their rainbow hued tracksuits (honestly, far from being a fashion statement) — they are more concerned about selling a lifestyle. And I, for one, certainly buy into that.
Juicy CoutureIf you have ever visited a Juicy boutique, you are quickly emersed in all things girlie. Pink everything, jars overflowing with candy, bows, candy coloured everything, their infamous terry and velour wall, and so much more. I’m completely sold and I immediately want to buy everything. It’s like a rush… I’ve been to five Juicy boutiques since there aren’t any in BC (yet… one opens in PC later this year…which I shamelessly applied for *scream*) including the infamous flagship store on 5th Ave in NYC. Amazed everytime. Also felt the need to buy something every single time. I’ve never left emptyhanded at a Juicy store. It’s insane.
Juicy CoutureThe best thing about Juicy, in my opinion, is the way they attempt to Juicy-fy EVERYTHING. I am not even lying here. Baby carriages, laptop cases, limited edition Monopoly, dog leashes, pink keyboard cases, gloves for texting, Juicy Sidekicks, dog clothes, Barbie dolls and the list goes on. I remember buying a piece of shit Juicy camera for $60. I bought it because it was pink and super cute. Friends later urged me to return it. I did. During my trip to NYC last year, I felt compelled to buy something at the enormous Juicy flagship store. I bought a heart-shaped 1GB Juicy USB stick for $50. Um, ridiculous, much? It is that insane. Just this morning, I bought a Juicy yoga mat and case and a velour robe. Some bitch took the last Juicy towel set. I wanted to kill him/her. Call me crazy, but I am a huge Juicy fanatic.
Juicy CoutureAnother thing that just attracts me to the Juicy brand would be their beautifully crafted advertisements and in-your-face slogans. See the ads that I have used in this post?  Delicate, feminine, light, elegant. The epitome of  girl. Overconsumption and outrageous — very Marie Antoinette-like. Not to mention that they are also notorious for the taglines. “Buy Me Stuff”, “For Nice Girls Who Like Stuff”, “Viva Juicy”, “Go Couture Yourself”, “Smells Like Couture”, “Peace, Love, and Couture”, “Some Girls Have all the Juicy” — you get the point. Cute, catchy, and effective. It’s visual porn, eye candy, an eyegasm.
Juicy CoutureThe women behind Juicy have definitely created the ultimate girl’s brand that caters to all women, except those can’t afford it (which is just unfortunate). They have noticed this niche market, a huge one might I add, and have created the “it” product that all women and girls must have. Juicy has turned into a lifestyle — a tactic that will keep the customers coming, making it sustainable throughout the years. I, for one, know I will be a Juicy girl forever. Ask anyone, it’s true. I am THAT consumer. So easy, just too easy. Sucked in forever. I know. It’s like a Juicy addiction.
Juicy CoutureFor the inside scoop on the Juicy lifestyle, check out this paper I found on the web on Juicy Couture. Very interesting read! Wish it was more in-depth and qualitative. Maybe I’ll just have to write a paper on it… And yes, I wrote this entry instead of studying for my midterms + writing real academic papers. Go me.
Juicy Couture

My F*** Valentine’s Day excursion.

Six AcresYesterday was Valentine’s Day. I got a text from gym guy saying “Happy Valentine’s Day”. How thoughtful! I got that text from atleast 5 other people…thanks! Talk about incredibly annoying, eh? To celebrate my profound singleness, I gathered up my girlfriends and headed downtown in search for single men in the same boat as us.
Rogue Wet BarAfter downing half a 2 6 of vodka, we headed to Six Acres for some nibbles and draaankz. I won a $40 giftcard from my winnings at the 2nd Annual Cupcake Throwdown so we used that up and ordered the Sweet & Spicy Wings, Sausage Plate, and the Charcuterie Plate. All was fabulous choices. Out of the three dishes, I would say that charcuterie platter was my favourite. Cured meats, caramelized onions, sundried feta spread, pickles, and the like — so delish. Food is really great for sharing there as well. Wish I snapped a pic but oh well! After downing some fruity whisky, it was time for the next joint.
Fairmont Pacific RimWe were on our way to the Fairmont Pacific Rim for the Plenty of Fish Singles Party but hey, Rogue Wet Bar was on the way so we thought “Hey, why not?”. Straight to the bar. We asked for someting sweet, hard, and on the fruity side. What did the bartender give us? Red dragons. Is it because we’re Asian? Oh well. Did the trick. So… POF party? Um, yes, because it was just so hilarious. The lobby lounge was PACKED…with desperate, old people. I actually felt really bad. There were so many people that had that glimmer of hope in their eyes that they would find someone. I vow to never ever become like that when I’m 40.  We stole some apples and decided to bounce. Next!

Society Dining Lounge Society Dining Lounge
I knew there was a F*** Valentine’s Day party at Society in Yaletown so we decided to head there. Greeted by the lovely GM Dennis, we headed upstairs for the party. To our surprise (and dismay), everyone upstairs were young…and COUPLED. Absolutely shocked. So what did we do? Headed straight to the bar. Ordered a round of their famous Tom Collins Cotton Candy cocktail and received a generous glass of bubbly and Mac ‘n Cheese Balls, courtesy of Dennis (thanks!). They also had this amazing drink special… pureed strawberries topped with champagne. So good. As always.
Society Glowbal
After that, we headed to Glowbal for a bottle of bubbly (hey, it’s a celebration), some satays, and fondue. I think this is when the drunkeness started to kick in because I really don’t know what happened after that. All I remember is a couple VIPs and me trying to get my mack on because well… my favourite VIP came in! Fate? I think so. Apparently we were all supposed to head to 100 Days afterwards in this guy’s Rolls Royce but that never happened. Crazy drunkeness. I don’t even remember how/when I got home. Good times? Quite possibly one of the best Valentine’s Days I’ve ever had. Thanks girlies!

Love and Other Drugs.

Love and Other DrugsI finally watched Love and Other Drugs with my girlfriends a couple of nights ago. It was a hilarious movie — Jake Gyllenhaal, tons of sex, and lots of giggles — my kind of chick flick. But the “serious” part of the movie (Anne Hathaway’s character suffers from Parkinson’s disease) was actually very interesting to me as well. I, too, suffer from an autoimmune disorder with little chance of me fully being able to recover or atleast get back to the state I was at prior to my diagnosis. It was especially intriguing to me because I could actually relate to how she was feeling in the film. Even the little comments and dialogue that was made in the film (“How could you be interested in a sick girl?”, “Go and find a healthy girl and don’t waste your time”) was a little hard for me to swallow because I’ve been there and know what it’s like to suffer and to have other people take care of you. It’s hard. Never knew that this movie could trigger such feelings.

Other than that, I went out to Barcelona lastnight for a friend’s birthday party and shortly after we had left, one of the bouncers at the club got shot in the leg. We were just at Blenz at the time of the shooting and I guess I was really drunk because I didn’t even hear the gunshots at all. Talk about oblivious. Hopefully the guy who got it is alright.

Finally, DTES Cookie Drop part 2 happened earlier this evening. Super tiny turnout (dude, there was like three of us in total) but the end feeling is absolutely amazing. Thank you to the two young ladies who came out and distributed out the cookies.

In the meantime, waiting on someone to pick up cupcakes because I am in dire need of a nap. This paper is going nowhere and I really need to just shut my brain off for an hour before I can continue any work.  God, this is brutal. Who makes papers due on reading break!?!?

Highschool reunion.

I had lunch with two of my very good friends from highschool earlier today. Amidst reminiscing about our highschool experience, the topic of “Remember _______?” emerged. With a little gossip and Facebook creeping, we were surprised at the array of…professions our graduating class was equipped with. A large diversity which included: married with children, a child with no marriage, engaged, arrested and charged with multiple counts of fraud, professional hockey player, professional stoners, drug dealers, highschool dropout returning and graduated with diploma, art teacher at our old highschool, a few in the Eastcoast doing good with what they do with co-op and other amazing opportunities, a ton that have definitely gained the freshman 15, and the majority of us still in the “student’ status and/or graduated and struggling to find a job. We also wondered about some past peers and what they were doing now.  A big chunk of our graduating class is on Facebook so it’s easy to stay “connected” but others, I honestly wonder where they’ve disappeared off to. It’s really amazing to see the variance amongst our very unique group. And even though it’s only been four years, it’s interesting to see how much people have changed — and how much some people haven’t. I can say that I am definitely looking forward to my 10 year reunion — 6 years to go!

T-Swizzle: Speak Now Tour.

Taylor Swift: Speak Now 2011 Tour
Even though I fought long and hard for three hours for shit seats this morning on Ticketmaster, I GOT TICKETS TO GO SEE TAYLOR SWIFT!!!!!!!!! Sunday, September 11th, 2011 at Rogers Arena. Right after my eastcoast trip to Montreal and New York. Booyah.

Project GIVE.

YWiB Project GIVEAs you may or may not know, I am involved with a extracurricular program at SFU with Young Women in Business called Project GIVE (Generating Innovative Visions of Entrepreneurship).  This 6-month program is in its first year and gives a chance for young women, such as myself, to generate ideas of social entrepreneurship and actually implement their ideas (if they choose to do so) in the community. I have such an amazing team and an incredible mentor — I really think we can go big with our idea. Unfortunately, I won’t be revealing the details on here since it is top secret! The panel, however, is at the end of  March where we will present to the judges our idea and will be distributed $2000 in funding to start up the program. Pretty neat, eh? Just a little over a month to go!

Photo courtesy of SFU Business.