Love and Other Drugs.

Love and Other DrugsI finally watched Love and Other Drugs with my girlfriends a couple of nights ago. It was a hilarious movie — Jake Gyllenhaal, tons of sex, and lots of giggles — my kind of chick flick. But the “serious” part of the movie (Anne Hathaway’s character suffers from Parkinson’s disease) was actually very interesting to me as well. I, too, suffer from an autoimmune disorder with little chance of me fully being able to recover or atleast get back to the state I was at prior to my diagnosis. It was especially intriguing to me because I could actually relate to how she was feeling in the film. Even the little comments and dialogue that was made in the film (“How could you be interested in a sick girl?”, “Go and find a healthy girl and don’t waste your time”) was a little hard for me to swallow because I’ve been there and know what it’s like to suffer and to have other people take care of you. It’s hard. Never knew that this movie could trigger such feelings.

Other than that, I went out to Barcelona lastnight for a friend’s birthday party and shortly after we had left, one of the bouncers at the club got shot in the leg. We were just at Blenz at the time of the shooting and I guess I was really drunk because I didn’t even hear the gunshots at all. Talk about oblivious. Hopefully the guy who got it is alright.

Finally, DTES Cookie Drop part 2 happened earlier this evening. Super tiny turnout (dude, there was like three of us in total) but the end feeling is absolutely amazing. Thank you to the two young ladies who came out and distributed out the cookies.

In the meantime, waiting on someone to pick up cupcakes because I am in dire need of a nap. This paper is going nowhere and I really need to just shut my brain off for an hour before I can continue any work.  God, this is brutal. Who makes papers due on reading break!?!?

Highschool reunion.

I had lunch with two of my very good friends from highschool earlier today. Amidst reminiscing about our highschool experience, the topic of “Remember _______?” emerged. With a little gossip and Facebook creeping, we were surprised at the array of…professions our graduating class was equipped with. A large diversity which included: married with children, a child with no marriage, engaged, arrested and charged with multiple counts of fraud, professional hockey player, professional stoners, drug dealers, highschool dropout returning and graduated with diploma, art teacher at our old highschool, a few in the Eastcoast doing good with what they do with co-op and other amazing opportunities, a ton that have definitely gained the freshman 15, and the majority of us still in the “student’ status and/or graduated and struggling to find a job. We also wondered about some past peers and what they were doing now.  A big chunk of our graduating class is on Facebook so it’s easy to stay “connected” but others, I honestly wonder where they’ve disappeared off to. It’s really amazing to see the variance amongst our very unique group. And even though it’s only been four years, it’s interesting to see how much people have changed — and how much some people haven’t. I can say that I am definitely looking forward to my 10 year reunion — 6 years to go!

T-Swizzle: Speak Now Tour.

Taylor Swift: Speak Now 2011 Tour
Even though I fought long and hard for three hours for shit seats this morning on Ticketmaster, I GOT TICKETS TO GO SEE TAYLOR SWIFT!!!!!!!!! Sunday, September 11th, 2011 at Rogers Arena. Right after my eastcoast trip to Montreal and New York. Booyah.

Project GIVE.

YWiB Project GIVEAs you may or may not know, I am involved with a extracurricular program at SFU with Young Women in Business called Project GIVE (Generating Innovative Visions of Entrepreneurship).  This 6-month program is in its first year and gives a chance for young women, such as myself, to generate ideas of social entrepreneurship and actually implement their ideas (if they choose to do so) in the community. I have such an amazing team and an incredible mentor — I really think we can go big with our idea. Unfortunately, I won’t be revealing the details on here since it is top secret! The panel, however, is at the end of  March where we will present to the judges our idea and will be distributed $2000 in funding to start up the program. Pretty neat, eh? Just a little over a month to go!

Photo courtesy of SFU Business.

Valentine’s Day.

Fast approaching. It once was my favourite holiday — now, not so much. After a good three years of singledom and non-committal relationships, Valentine’s Day has taken the backburner of other unofficial holidays. So what is my single ass doing this year? Don’t judge — me and a few single girlfriends are checking out the Plenty of Fish Cocktail Party at the Fairmont Pacific Rim. I think it’s absolutely hilarious and I am actually looking forward to it!

What happens in Whistler, stays in Whistler.

Four words: I heart American men. Was hoping to get some Aussie action and/or hot lesbians at WhistlerPRIDE, but ended up with a sexy American boy. I’m happy with that. Can’t wait to go up again!

…geez people. I did not get laid!


Believe it or not, I have never been to Whistler before. Well, I’ve been once when I was a child but I’ve never been there to  board, to party, to ANYTHING. I’m finally going tomorrow! So, even though it’s amidst some superiorly crappy timing (right before a 15 page research proposal is due, presentation, and 5 pg journal) I am super stoked! It’s my bestfriend, Caroline’s, birthday weekend in Whistler starting tomorrow so obviously I have to be in attendance. Only staying for the one night so I’m definitely going to try to make the most of it. Stoked!

DTES cookie drop: Round 2.

Remember the cookie drop I participated last month? Well, this month, I took the liberty of starting one of my own. Since Valentine’s Day is coming up in the next couple of weeks and I am alone…again…I decided to take my love to the streets. The DTES cookie drop will take place on Sunday, February 13th, 2011 so that couples can make it, people who work can make it, etc. I am aiming for a large group to come out so PLEASE tell all your friends.  The event is free and if you have nothing better to do, come out and spread the love.

So what’s going down?  Same as last time. Bake a dozen or so cookies, wrap em, meet at Chill Winston at 4:30pm, embark at 4:45pm, walk over to Main & Hastings, and go mad on the distribution of cookies. Honestly should be done no later than 5:15pm (since I have to work at 6pm). Would love to see some familiar and new faces there. And hey, it’s for a good cause. More deetz here.


Avenue Q.

Avenue Q

So I just came back from watching Avenue Q at The Centre for Performing Arts. Oh god, what a hilarious show this was! I’ve listened to the soundtrack a billion times but seeing it all come to life really made a huge difference. So many unexpected things and surprises throughout the show. I was laughing throughout the whole thing!!! I love how the whole show circled around and pointed fun at stereotypes and minorities in society… awesome. And puppet sex. No comment. Can’t wait for Legally Blonde next month!

I’m kind of pretty and pretty damn smart
I like romantic things like music and art
And as you know  I have a gigantic heart
So whyyyyyy don’t I have a boyfriend?!
FUCK! It sucks to be me!

Sound familiar?!

Recipe to Riches.

Recipe to RichesFood Network Canada is holding open casting calls for their newest show, Recipe to Riches, on Saturday, February 12th, 2011. If selected, I will be flown to Toronto to compete against other selected participants with their own cherished recipe in various categories.  Winner receives $250,000 and their recipe gets published and made-to-sell by President’s Choice. Of course, I will be entering because who knows, this may be my claim to fame. And everyone knows how I am determined to be the next Food Network star. I’ve got a penchant for food, fame, and fortune and the camera loves me so why not? The only question is, what recipe should I submit? Cupcake or…? For those of you who have been fortunate to have been invited to my lunches and dinners, what would you suggest I enter?! I need feedback, people!!!

Also, I need a pretty sweet videocamera to record my submission. Any takers? Will pay in the form of baked goods.