Memories from my iPhone: Part 3.

NYC. Best city ever. Miss that city. Miss my iPhone. Scratch that, miss having a smartphone in general.

Memories from my iPhone: Part 2.

Chinatown Icecream Factory on Canal St in NYC. Kick ass icecream. I miss it!

Sucker Punch.

Sucker PunchI caught the late showing of Sucker Punch lastnight with gym guy and depsite the fact that this movie was filled with hot girls, action, and killer music, it still failed. Big time. I loved the trailers for this movie and to me, it looked like a videogame….but in real life. The cast was total eye candy and the music was spot on. But the lack of character development and storyline really caused this movie to fail. It just proves that even though Zack Snyder gave us all the key “elements” a kick ass movie should have, it was still so unsuccessful on so many levels. Such a shame.

Things to look forward to.

Can’t wait til this month ends. Or, better yet, til this semester ends. Got so many things to look forward to starting in April!
CavaliaCavalia. I’m going to be honest: I’m not entirely sure what this show is about. All I know is that it involves horses, operates under the same company as Cirque du Soleil, and is under those big white tents at the Olympic Village. Going with gym guy. Should be a good show either or.
Will Rogers FolliesWill Rogers Follies. Not going to lie, I have no idea what this is about either. It’s being put on by the Royal City Musical Theatre Company which produces local shows and musicals right by my house at Massey Theatre. It’s a tradition for my mom and I to go to whatever musical is being put on. Apparently the show is a 6 time Tony Awards winner and 3 time Drama Desk winner as well. Stoked! Love supporting local.
HairsprayHairspray. Love the music from this show and the movie was alright…but it’s finally coming to Vancouver! Showing at The Stanley Theatre in South Granville starting in May, I’m taking my mom to this show for her birthday. Super stoked for this! I just know I’ll be singing along.

So March… will ya hurry up, please?!

All you need is a little inspiration.

This week has been insanely stressful, suffering from a severe lack of sleep, a flurry of assignments and work, but it has been one of the most fulfilling and rewarding weeks this year. I have ended this week feeling incredibly inspired.
The Buzz EventI’ve been cupcakin’ big time lately. Collaborating with various fundraisers as well as the third ever The Buzz Event at Joseph Richard‘s this past Thursday. I really do hope everyone enjoyed the delicious treats! Baking is a huge hobbie of mine and cupcakes, in particular, as you all know, is something that I take pride and joy in. As an entrepreneur myself, it was super sucky to not physically be in attendance for the second Buzz in a row. Oh well. Atleast my double D’s were there.
MADrenegade: Your Next MoveSo I have been trying to get back into the loop without a smartphone. And yes, it’s a bit more difficult, but hey, I’m making it work. On Friday, I managed to actually have a somewhat free morning so I signed up last-minute for SIFE (Students in Free Enterprise) SFU’s MADrenegade event, Your Next Move. Even though SIFE events are dedicated mainly towards design students, I thought I could learn from it — and I did. Tons of do’s and don’ts in terms of expectations with clients which may be applied to any business or organization. Vincent Wong from RF Productions was the keynote speaker and I learned a ton even though he was speaking from the design perspective. And I also randomly won a free 1-year domain name. Personal website for my next venture? I think so.
Day in the LifeAs you may know, I have been working super hard for the past six months in YWiB SFU’s Project GIVE program in developing a non-profit organization, Day in the Life (DITL). Our program connects youth with professionals in various industries, giving them the opportunity to shadow them, thus experiencing a “day in the life”. The wrap up for the program was this afternoon where we presented a thoroughly detailed business plan in front of a panel of judges in hopes of receiving $2000 from the Canadian Social Entrepreneurship Foundation (CSEF). Although we did not win, we, of course, are still going through with our program and have managed to scoop out some potential mentors for DITL. The whole process of writing a business plan, contacting potential members, our target market, figuring out financials, running our social media streams — the whole PROCESS has been extremely valuable and I am so thankful for taking this project on. I have learned so much that I would have not learned in school, especially considering my background in the Arts. This is probably the best project I have ever worked on and I am extremely proud of my group. And also, our super awesome mentor, Val Litwin (of Blo Blow Dry Bar fame), thank you for being so encouraging and helpful throughout this whole journey. Sad this part of the journey is over…but I am also super excited to actually launch this program! Day in the Life. Fall 2011/Spring 2012. Keep your eye out for it.

Memories from my iPhone: Part 1.

Forgot about these videos. White Castle Adventures in Chicago. The title is self-explanatory. Perhaps the title should’ve been “White Castle Gluttony”.

Attn: BBM users.

Y’all need to get a freakin’ life. Honestly. I don’t care if your so-called boyfriend didn’t BBM you back for 3 minutes. I don’t care that you can tell if a person has read your BBM message. I don’t care if someone stole your BBM profile picture. I DON’T CARE. Do you seriously think that me, a non-BlackBerry user, a person who has real issues to worry about honestly gives a crap? Please. Get a life and/or grow up. Seriously. So sick and tired of hearing this crap.

Another reason why iPhone > BlackBerry users.

130.0 lbs