Legally Blonde: The MusicalSo I just came back from the opening night showing of Legally Blonde: The Musical at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre. If there was one musical that encompasses who I am, this would be it. Pink, Juicy Couture suits, Harvard, hot guys, and cute dogs you can fit in your bag. Such a great production!!! Of course I was singing to ALL of the songs. I mean, how could you not?! The talented performer who played Elle Woods (Nikki Bohne) was spectacular, same with Emmett, Victoria, Callahan, Serena, Pilar…. okay, everyone was freakin’ amazing! And BRUISER?! Absolutely adorable. Loved every single minute of it.
Us at Legally Blonde Legally Blonde merchandise
Because I am so used to seeing the MTV version and amazing clips of Laura Bell Bundy on YouTube, I just expected a little more out of the stage craftmenship. However, with the small size of Queen Elizabeth Theatre, it really restricted how much the production workers could have done. Not complaining at all. It was such a great performance!!!

Of course I ended up buying some merch… The official program and a pink Legally Blonde shirt that I will proudly don tomorrow at school. Love it! And to make my day even better? My Juicy Couture package just came in the mail as well and was waiting on my desk at my work station aka the dining room table. Oh, not to mention I scored 77% on my stats midterm (WTF IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE!!!) and straight A’s across the board on my paper, research proposal, and presentation. Could I have asked for a better start to March!?!


One Comment on “OMIGOD YOU GUYS!”

  1. […] happened this weekend: – Met Nic Rouleau who played Emmett in Legally Blonde: The Musical which I saw on Tuesday. – Probably tried half of the food menu and probably the entire cocktail menu at Terracotta Modern […]

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