What did I do this weekend…?

A number of things happened this weekend:
– Met Nic Rouleau who played Emmett in Legally Blonde: The Musical which I saw on Tuesday.
– Probably tried half of the food menu and probably the entire cocktail menu at Terracotta Modern Chinese.
– Checked out the new club, BLVD 22, for a friend’s birthday and I have got to say I am very impressed — congrats on your new night, Lavish!
– Found out the new 24 hour pho restaurant on Kingsway is NOT 24 hours. It says “24 house”. Motherfuckers.
– Finally introduced myself to the cute ginger that comes in for brunch every Sunday. I remembered his friend’s name but forgot his. FML.
– Got to try chicken fried steak with sausage gravy for the first time ever at Deacon’s Gastown Diner. Yay!
– Got to try the limited edition Japanese-flavoured (matcha, black sesame, ginger and wasabi, yuzu sorbetto, sake, etc.) gelato at Bella Gelateria.
– I keep on gaining weight and am totally swamped with school work 😦 FMLx2.

Totally fucked. I hate March.


One Comment on “What did I do this weekend…?”

  1. Elizabeth says:

    Start eating healthy snacks and studystudystudy LOL

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