/boring nerdy school post.

There has only been one thing one my mind as of late: school. As the semester is quickly coming to a close, with that comes an enormous avalanche of term papers, last minute presentations, wrap-up and group projects, and of course, the dreaded final exam. Only two term papers this semester, 12-15 pages, totally doable. I actually really quite enjoy writing papers — I’m a nerd like that. Haven’t thought of a topic for my Violence Against Women class but I’m actually starting one up one of my papers next week for my Minorities in Criminal Justice class just to get that out of the way. If my proposed topic is approved, I will be writing on Canada’s Live-In Caregiver Program (LCP) and how it is detrimental and further marginalizes immigrants from third-world countries in specific reference to Filipino women. I am of Filipino descent and my family has employed “nannies” (as they so call it) on the basis on sponsorship and I think I would be able to bring a different angle to the table. I think sponsorship (not only in terms of domestic work) is a terrible thing. Yes, I am fully aware that employers are giving immigrants a chance to come to Canada, but only in terms of underpaying them because no Canadian citizen would ever rightfully do that work for such a low amount of wage?  I think it’s disgusting. And sad too because it happens frequently in this country. For example, I know of certain employers that sponsor immigrants to come to Canada, pay them at a lower wage than other employees, and do not pay their employees overtime. It is really disturbing.

On a lighter note, Project GIVE is almost a wrap! Two more weeks to go until the panel presentation. We’ve got some awesome ideas planned specifically for our presentation and a killer theme that will metaphorically (along with our theme) sweep the judges off their feet! Our theme is kick-ass and our mentor, Val Litwin, was so impressed with us and all the work we have accomplished thus far. Best…mentor…EVER! Excited to finish this part of the project. Next step? Going out into the world and actually making this project a reality. And change some lives in the mix too.

My enrollment date was earlier this afternoon. After much consideration, I have decided to sign up for more than one class for summer semester. I am taking CRIM 369 DE (Ethics), CRIM 312 DE (Current Social Problems) and SA 337 (Sexuality and Society). Pretty UNstoked for the Crim courses I’m taking as I have heard they are extremely writing heavy… Pretty sure I’ll be writing over 200 pages (I’m not even exaggerating) this summer. I am pretty excited for my Sociology class because I have waited 4 years to take another class with the legendar, Ann Travers. Super excited. I was actually enrolled in this class two summers ago but she had cancelled it due to unforeseen circumstances. Pretty effing stoked.

I also have a super genius plan for my last year in university. So… yes, I’ve enrolled in my last few courses in the summer (will be taking my very last one in Fall 2011). SO my plan is to take summer semester, do my practicum/field practice and last course in the fall, and then off to study abroad in Spring 2012. Sounds amazing, right? Apparently I will have to talk to the International Studies department and beg for them for accept me into Spring 2012’s field exchange because they discourage people from studying abroad during their last semester. BUT the thing is, I will have completed my 120 credits and satisfied all of my requirements needed for graduation by Fall 2011 that next spring semester won’t even be needed. So… what’s the deal!??! Grrr.

In other news, I was nominated randomly and elected as the new Forum Representative of the Criminology Student Assocation.  Yay?

And in disgustingly offensive news, I gave my number out to a token old guy who was in a number of my Crim classes based purely on “study purposes”. What a fool I am. I know it was stupid but goddammit, I’m regretting it now. FML.

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