Online dating?!

Why is there such a social stigma around online dating? Is it because it’s looks desperate, that we must resort to the Internet because we fail to meet people in person? Or is it because are so many ridiculous dating sites out there like Plenty of Fish? Who knows, but if you’re on  POF, that is pure desperation, sorry. Anywhos, I have a hilarious story to share with you all. And why you shouldn’t online date in Vancouver.

So I signed up for an account on eHarmony (insert laughing and judgment) late last year one on of those nights I was feeling particularly bored and lonely. After seeing all those commercials and my aunt and cousin successfully finding love on it (and now married!), I decided to give it a go during one of those “Free Communication Weekends”. It’s actually pretty in-depth and the sign-up process is super long and in-depth — it took me like 15 minutes to sign up. Yeah, I got matches here and there but the limitations to free accounts is that you can’t see pictures (insert shallow comments here). So months pass by and I don’t really do anything about the matches because, well, I’m a starving student and am too lazy/poor to pay for an actual account. So a few days ago, a friend of mine messages me on Facebook and the conversation sort of went like this…

Him: hey
Me: hey! how’s it going?!
Him: so you’re on eH
Him: you’re one of my matches
*me thinking “What the hell is eH? …………OMFG YOU’VE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME”
Me: OH. MY. GOD.

Turns out that eHarmony is SO good at matching people up, that it actually paired me up with one of my friends. HAHAHAHA. FML. I pretty much died of laughter. Oh, hellz no. So moral of the story: I probably won’t be online dating for a long time, atleast not in Vancouver. Way too small of a city!

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