Am I getting…OLD?!!

I’ve had a tremendous amount of weight gain in the past six months or so. Nearing the end of my post-secondary career, could it be due to stress, abundance of delicious food, lack of exercising, and/or my gluttonous behaviour? Or could it be the fact that I’m… in plain terms… GETTING OLD!?!?! I’ve considered all the various factors. And I used to eat whatever I want and still manage to stay in shape. Hell, when I was in first year at SFU, I vowed to NEVER gain the Freshman 15 (in fact I had lost 10lbs upon entering university). But now… I’m coming to think my youthful days are over. All I do is eat, study, work, sleep. Probably in that order. No gym? NO ENDORPHINS! No time to cook. No life. Standing at 5’2 and a whopping 132.5 lbs, I’m back at my old highschool wrestling weight. My old friend, Mr. Muffin Top, is back. This needs to change. Pronto. Summer is just around the corner and one of my New Year’s resolutions was to be 125 lbs by June. Not going to happen at this point. But… as cheesy as this sounds, I CAN DO IT!

Gonna start a weight journal again. Hey, it was effective last time. 132.5 lbs.


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