Frozen Food Chronicles: Part 2.

Michelina's Noodle StroganoffOne thing I hate about frozen food is how tiny the portion sizes are. Not only do the majority of them taste like shit, we also need to consume like four of them just to feel satiated. But hey, as a starving student during crunch time, I’ll take it.
Michelina's Noodles Stroganoff Michelina's Noodles Stroganoff
Continuing my frozen food escapades, I tried Michelina’s Noodles Stroganoff. Gee, I always thought stroganoff had noodles. And what is this mystery meat? I’m going to assume it’s beef… because, well, I haven’t heard of any other stroganoffs. So, just as I had expected, this was a win. Taste was there, meat was there, convenience was there. The only disappointment was the lack of mushrooms as displayed in the picture. Motherfuckers. Always giving me false hope.
Harmony Honey Barbeque Chicken Harmony Honey Barbeque Chicken
Next was Harmony Honey Barbeque Chicken. Harmony is Michelina’s’ “healthier” frozen food option, boasting that it only has “2.5g of fat and 290 calories”. This meal was a rice-based dish. See, I’m always weary about rice-based frozen meals. Or any variation of minute rice, Uncle Ben’s, or any jazzed up version of White rice. This was just wrong. It was like 60% rice, 34% sauce, 5% chicken, and 1% vegetables. I counted five pieces of chewy chicken and ONE piece of celery. Not like I’m a fan of bell peppers, but where were they? Damn deceiving pictures! This was actually so gross.

Before you make any weird assumptions, I actually cook. For realz.


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