I heart sample sales.

Sample sale purchasesAfter a pretty craptastic start to the week, I was in dire need of some major retail therapy. Luckily, it’s springtime and you know what that means: sample sale season. Some of my favourite sample sales occur only twice a year — once in the spring and the other in the fall. This week was full of ’em and I gotta say, I’m pretty pleased with my purchases.

First stop? The Plenty Warehouse Sale. Now, usually this is a hit or miss. It was a miss the last time I went because, well, I went late and ended up having to wait 2 hours in line and I don’t even wear my purchases from then (I bought out of remorse cus I waited so damn long in line). Thankfully, this year’s warehouse sale was hosted at a much bigger venue on Main St. I got there an hour early before the sale started and managed to pick a pair of neon yellow Dolce Vita sandals from last summer and a Lipsy dress that I had my eye on before but had sold out. Win!

Next was the infamous Dakota Group Sample Sale. One of the best, this agency carries luxury brands such as Factory by Erik Hart, Matt & Nat, Mackage, Soia & Kyo, co-lab, Christopher Kan, Graham & Spencer, Velvet, Pour La Victoire, Matiko, Farylrobin, Chinese Laundry, Kelsi Dagger…and the list goes on. I love this sale. I gave myself a budget of $200 (which is a smart thing to do since I literally want to buy everything there) and amazingly only spent half of it on a pair of Pour La Victoire Paley gunmetal heels (the beauty pictured above). Double win.

So happy that I got that invite to the pre-shop because my favourite favourite sample sale started the next day at 10am which was the slated time that the Dakota Group sale was open to the public. Let me introduce you to the Skout Agency sale. Super cheap prices. This was the sale where I got two pairs of Sam Edelman boots for $40. Yeah. It’s crazy like that. I have to admit I went for the Sam Edelman shoes but there wasn’t much selection this time around. Sigh. BUT they were having a crazy sale on the brand Motel (carried at Plenty). I pretty much bought 3 dresses for $60. Hello Vegas! AND I got this beautiful taupe/cocoa silk dress by Erin Brinie (carried at Aritzia) for $68. Going to be wearing that with my PLV heels at my friend’s wedding at the end of the summer. Triple win.

And yesterday, I checked out the bigtime agency sample sale in Yaletown. Another one of my favourites, they carry J Brand denim (not like I wear jeans) and my favourite line from Denmark, Soaked in Luxury. But, to my dismay, they stopped carrying the brand!!! Left with nothing.

All in all, only spent like $325 wholesale (retailing approximately around $910). And this is why I no longer shop in actual retail stores anymore. And plus I’m a poor, starving student. Until next season!

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Weezy & Nicki: I’m Still Music.

Heather and me
So on Wednesday dressed in my best Nicki Minajesque gear, I went to see Lil Wayne and Nicki Minaj at Rogers Arena. All I gotta say is that 1) I LOVE NICKI MINAJ. 2) I have never seen so much Surrey trash congregated all at once.3) I saw a whole lot of White girl titties that night. Pictorials?
Me and Kailey Kailey and me
Yeah. And then my camera died. Mother F. I kind of wanted to cry.
Lil Wayne Lil Wayne
Other than that, great concert. Can’t wait til she comes back on July 1st with Britney Spears! Must buy tickets for that. Hellz to the yes.

Highschool sweethearts.

Facebook creeping definitely has its perks. It gives you the ability to creep on hot men (cue hot lawyer man), your friend’s hot ex-girlfriend (cue girl crush), and to my dismay, ex-boyfriends (ew). Yes. I am no longer Facebook friends with my highschool sweetheart but something with his name came up on my feed the other day. A little click here, a little click there, and next thing you know, I’m on his new girlfriend’s page. Now, let me tell you, it’s been just over three years since we broke up and I can’t tell you how weird it was to see him with someone else. And it’s been THREE YEARS. I’m definitely over him and have been for a long time and all but it was just an awkward, uncomfortable feeling you know? I had that feeling for about an hour (the feeling has subsided since then). But don’t get me wrong, I am definitely happy for him/them. I’m glad he has found someone who is just as Surrey as he is… zing!

Anyways. A question popped up in my head as this happened: can you picture yourself dating your highschool sweetheart today? I mean, there were a handful of people from my highschool who are still together and that’s great and all, but I cannot picture myself with who I dated back then. I don’t know. They’re exes for a reason, right? And I gotta say, I have developed some massive standards after that, that’s for sure.

Lazy Easter.

Working, partying, puking, YouTubing, musical-ing, brunching, sleeping.

Now enjoy some appropriate lazy post-Easter food coma music:

School’s out. Time to celebrate?

Some news and upcoming events and opportunities.

1. I have the greatest friends ever.
2. Going to see Kid Cudi on June 16th at Deer Lake Park.
3. AWF PEAK Awards on May 2nd at Fairmont Waterfront.
4. Didn’t get the job. Boo. Effing. Who.
5. Catching up with friends… finally! Booked everyday.
6. Vegas is officially booked – Caesar’s Palace.
7. Bonchaz?
8. Grades posted. Yay?
9. Sample sale season.
10. Nicki & Wayne next week. F yes.

What does this all mean? Crossing my fingers but I may have some big news.

130.0 lbs


I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU to everyone who came out to Bake for the Quake this evening. The event was a huge success and collectively, we were able to raise well over $5000 for Japan relief. And it honestly couldn’t have been done without your help! Our table was sold out 2 hours into the event — thank you!!! We really hope you guys enjoy the goodies. Thank you for helping Japan!

And thanks to Joy and Melody for organizing such a fabulous event. We hope to participate again!

Nicki Minaj vs. Lil Kim.

Lil Kim: Black Friday Nicki Minaj: Pink Friday

Lil Kim needs to STFU and grow up. Move over because Nicki Minaj‘s taken over. You may have been the queen of rap but the princess has just de-throned you. My two cents… 1 week til Nicki and Wayne!!!

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