I’m still alive.

I may be dying in school-related work (ie. papers and finals!) but I am still here! Few events I had checked out in the past week: Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival at VanDusen Gardens and the 2011 Sea to Sky Cheer and Dance Competition at the Vancouver Convention Centre. Pictorials below.
Vancouver Cherry Blossom FestivalI’m not sure if you know, but every year, Vancouver holds a festival celebrating the blossoming of all the cherry trees in the city. This year was especially important since 2011 marked Vancouver’s 125th birthday. My friend and former cheer coach helped coordinate the festival so naturally, I volunteered. I helped load cherry trees to peoples cars for a few hours then hit up the actual festival at VanDusen. I haven’t been there since I was a child so it was a bit nostalgic for me. The majority of the flowers weren’t in bloom yet but we DID get to complete the maze in 10min and I got to FINALLY try takoyaki and some of the other yummy Japanese delicacies offered there.
Onigiri and matcha brownie Green tea puff Takoyaki Takoyaki
After the festival, headed downtown, grabbed some dinner at glowbal and met up with a bunch of my old SFU Cheerleading White Team members. We all headed to the Convention Centre to cheer our past teammates on. SFU Red, SFU White, Panthers, Midnight, and Legends. You guys were AMAZING!!! Seriously considering training in the summer. I miss cheer so much!!!
SFU White SFU White SFU Red SFU Red Panthers Panther
Oh, and I randomly partied on the 54th floor at the Shangri-La. And took pictures in their washroom. In their bathtub. Wish my shoes on. True story.
Shangri-LaAnd back to studying, term papers, non-profit-related meetings, fundraisers, um…. LIFE. Bye!


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