Cavalia and The Vancouver Sun Run 2011.

CavaliaDespite all the technical difficulties we had prior to the show, I have got to say that Cavalia was absolutely amazing and worth every penny. I am still unsure if there was an actual “storyline” to it, but what really struck me was the beautiful relationship the acrobats had with the horses. They really had a connection and it was strongly present throughout the show. It was awesome — Cirque du Soleil with horses, or so I’ve been told. Still haven’t seen Cirque but if it’s anything like what I saw today, then I MUST see Cirque du Soleil O next month when I’m in Vegas. Amazing!
Sun RunI also did the Sun Run earlier this morning as well and it was pretty much my first Vancouver Sun Run ever. I mean, I did it back when I was 14 and walked it with my cadets friends but meh, that didn’t really count. Ran the whole thing straight. Finished at 1:09:16 — can’t wait to see the actual time in the paper tomorrow

Update: Finished at 57:00 minutes flat, placing 8449th out of 50 000+ people! Not bad!


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