Highschool sweethearts.

Facebook creeping definitely has its perks. It gives you the ability to creep on hot men (cue hot lawyer man), your friend’s hot ex-girlfriend (cue girl crush), and to my dismay, ex-boyfriends (ew). Yes. I am no longer Facebook friends with my highschool sweetheart but something with his name came up on my feed the other day. A little click here, a little click there, and next thing you know, I’m on his new girlfriend’s page. Now, let me tell you, it’s been just over three years since we broke up and I can’t tell you how weird it was to see him with someone else. And it’s been THREE YEARS. I’m definitely over him and have been for a long time and all but it was just an awkward, uncomfortable feeling you know? I had that feeling for about an hour (the feeling has subsided since then). But don’t get me wrong, I am definitely happy for him/them. I’m glad he has found someone who is just as Surrey as he is… zing!

Anyways. A question popped up in my head as this happened: can you picture yourself dating your highschool sweetheart today? I mean, there were a handful of people from my highschool who are still together and that’s great and all, but I cannot picture myself with who I dated back then. I don’t know. They’re exes for a reason, right? And I gotta say, I have developed some massive standards after that, that’s for sure.


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