Weezy & Nicki: I’m Still Music.

Heather and me
So on Wednesday dressed in my best Nicki Minajesque gear, I went to see Lil Wayne and Nicki Minaj at Rogers Arena. All I gotta say is that 1) I LOVE NICKI MINAJ. 2) I have never seen so much Surrey trash congregated all at once.3) I saw a whole lot of White girl titties that night. Pictorials?
Me and Kailey Kailey and me
Yeah. And then my camera died. Mother F. I kind of wanted to cry.
Lil Wayne Lil Wayne
Other than that, great concert. Can’t wait til she comes back on July 1st with Britney Spears! Must buy tickets for that. Hellz to the yes.

One Comment on “Weezy & Nicki: I’m Still Music.”

  1. […] saw Nicki Minaj just 1.5 weeks ago with Lil Wayne. And I just bought tickets to her show with Britney Spears later this summer. But guess what!? Just […]

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