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Lady Gaga
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Money = power = status?

I really need to sort out my priorities. Life isn’t all about the glitz and the glam and the peanut butter and jam. My life isn’t like Blair Waldorf’s even though I so desperately want it to be. Sometimes I let my golddiggin’ ways cloud my judgment… and I think it has resulted in some stupid decisions as of late. Oops? The thing is, I have a strange obsession with money. Because with money comes power, and with power you get status. Or that’s how the process works in my head. I’m materialistic, no use trying to hide that. I enjoy traveling, dining out, and a good-lookin’ crowd. I like men people with nice apartments, sweet rides, panoramic views, premium vodka, who know how to have a good time. But, um, I live at home with my parents in Burnaby and my “ride” is the SkyTrain (lol…I also drive a Corolla). Contradicting? Best of both worlds? Golddigger? Whatever you wanna call it. Not complaining; you can still have it all, it just depends on how you define it.

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Dear older men of Vancouver.

Grow up. Seriously. It’s a bit ironic that a 21-year old needs to tell you this. Do you really need to get shitfaced every weekend? Perhaps in Vegas, this kind of behaviour can be tolerated but when you’re back in Vancouver and you’re still doing the same stupid shit (insert coke/ecstasy/weed) with the same stupid pretentious friends (Yaletown is really starting to seep into Coal Harbour)? Um, you’re 34, an accountant, and still attempting to booty call me? You don’t know who you’re fucking with (no pun intended/not to be taken literally). Peace out, mo’fucka.

Oh, and 40-year olds, please do and try to stay away from me. I’ve had enough of you too. WTF.

Back in bitchy Vancouver female mode. #girlpower

Vegas round-up.

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas… right? So here’s a quick visual recap of my May Long Weekend in Las Vegas.

So we arrived at our palace on Friday… Caesar’s Palace, to be exact, and upgraded to a beautiful room on the 36th floor of the Augustus Tower which provided us with an outstanding view of the famous Bellagio Fountains.
Caesar's PalaceFirst thing we did when we got there was took a dip in one of the six pools that Caesar’s offers.
Caesar's Palace poolThen we got all dolled up and got ready for our first night out in Vegas. First stop? Lavo
Lavo…which turned out to be a huge orgy so we went to Pure and started a dance party on the rooftop!
PureAnd of course, we met some hotties from New Jersey. WHAT UP.
PureNext morning? Tao Beach… where we ran into our Vancouver boys!
Tao BeachNighttime, we hit up Chateau to see Nicki Minaj. Who didn’t show up (but apparently did at 3:30am – we were gone by then)…. biotch!
ChateauSince were disappointed, we hit up Tao instead where Taboo from Black Eyed Peas was performing!
Taboo from Black Eyed PeasAfter, we had dinner at 4am with our Jersey boys and randomly ran into Joe Jonas at Grand Lux Cafe.
Joe JonasNext morning we headed to Marquee Day Club at the new Cosmopolitan Hotel!
Marquee Day ClubHad a mandatory dinner at Cheesecake Factory and met up with B’s friends that actually live in Vegas. Yes, they LIVE there.
Cheesecake FactoryThen we hit up Vanity at the Hard Rock Hotel
Vanity…where CeeLo Green performed and fed me Patron!
CeeLo GreenAnd then to finish our last night off, we headed to Drais for afterhours!
DraisNext morning, headed to an empty Rehab… for some rehab.
RehabHung out with our Jersey boys one last time…
Caesar's Palace…and said “PEACE OUT Las Vegas!”
Caesar's PalaceThe end! Of course, there’s a lot that is left unsaid… What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas… unless you’re me of course and you meet someone that lives here.. ha!

See you in Sin City!

In Las Vegas for May Long. See you bitches when I get back!

Too old?!?!

YES. There is such a thing as too old. And I have discovered that today. Y’all know how much I love older men. But seriously, I’ve met my limit! I just found out that gym guy is fucking 40 years old…turning 41. Um.. no. Why does this shit always happen to me? My limit is 35. Stricly 35. FML.

Money can’t buy you happiness.

It’s true. I considered myself a pretty big paper chaser until…now. I recently left my super fun job at glowbal grill steaks + satay to pursue a similiar position at the beautiful and historical Fairmont Hotel Vancouver only to find that the job was not for me. The pay was pretty ridiculous for the task at-hand but after just a week of working there (and watching my youth being sucked away — the demographic there is pretty much 50+), I had enough. Call me stupid, but I think I’ll be just fine this summer with going to school full-time, serving at Hapa Umi (soon!!!), and doing what i love and what I do best, bakingĀ  my Dolce Delights cupcakes for people I love. Oh, and of course, a little travel here and there.

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