Seeing vs. dating.

What’s the difference? And is it really such a big deal? I remember back in highschool the terminology we used to use was “going out” or that we were “together”.  Nowadays, it’s “seeing” and “dating” but what’s the difference? To my understanding, seeing is when you are seeing a person but it’s not exclusive as opposed to dating which is when it is made “official” and you are exclusive to one another. My sister thinks that me and gym guy are seeing eachother and I honestly would have to say no. And even if that thought came into my head, I would have no idea what to call it anyways. But why should I? Why should we put  a label on it? After all, we’re just going out to see Wicked together, Taylor Swift, scootering around town, lunch and dinner, planning hiking trips for summer, movies, the Nutcracker, work out together, etc. because that’s what friends do… right?


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