I don’t know about you guys, but I watch a hell of a lot of Food Network. And lately (I’m talking about the past 6 months or so), I’ve really noticed an increase in the amount of ancestry commercials being aired. It’s nuts. I mean it’s great knowing where you come from and who your ancestors are, but it can also be problematic. For example, I overheard a conversation on the bus yesterday about how the bus driver was super weirded out because she had found out that she was partkt First Nations (she was adopted). “Do I even look Indian to you?”, she said. It was annoying to listen to her uneducated responses because she was basically basing everything solely on skin colour which can act as a prime site for racism.

Does it really matter where you come from? Is it really substantial?  I honestly think it’s interesting and great to know your history and ancestral roots, but personally, it would not affect my outlook on things and how I view the world. Some people take it so critically and a lot of times, like in the example I previously mentioned, is often misconcepted and confused with a person’s skin colour. It’s disturbing, really.

I remember watching a documentary in class about conducting DNA tests on babies and individuals and I pretty much view that as an invasion of privacy. They claim that it is a way of the government providing protection to you in case something happens, but to me, it just seems like surveillence which is something I’m totally not okay with. No thanks.

So why are people suddenly obsessed with finding out their roots? It boggles me…

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