Peace out, Yaletown!

I have worked in Yaletown for the past two years. Hostessing at the ginormous Yaletown Keg Steakhouse & Bar and then moved onto the infamous Glowbal Grill Steaks & Satay just down the street — it has been fun. But as of an hour ago, I am retiring from the Yaletown district. HURRAH! I recently was just offered a position at the Fairmont and I have decided to take it. Got to say that I will not miss the craziness and pretentious people (and Yaletown wannabes — yes, I’m talking about Surrey Saturdays) that inhabit Yaletown. But I am hoping the regulars will miss their favourite donut girl. Peace out, Yaletown. It was a hell of a ride.

129.8 lbs


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