Money can’t buy you happiness.

It’s true. I considered myself a pretty big paper chaser until…now. I recently left my super fun job at glowbal grill steaks + satay to pursue a similiar position at the beautiful and historical Fairmont Hotel Vancouver only to find that the job was not for me. The pay was pretty ridiculous for the task at-hand but after just a week of working there (and watching my youth being sucked away — the demographic there is pretty much 50+), I had enough. Call me stupid, but I think I’ll be just fine this summer with going to school full-time, serving at Hapa Umi (soon!!!), and doing what i love and what I do best, baking  my Dolce Delights cupcakes for people I love. Oh, and of course, a little travel here and there.

133.8 lbs

2 Comments on “Money can’t buy you happiness.”

  1. Joy says:

    It can buy nice things, but not happiness. 🙂 Good luck with the cupcakes! I loosen up my schedule over the summer to enjoy it with friends and family. Ultimately, they’re the ones who really count.

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