Dear older men of Vancouver.

Grow up. Seriously. It’s a bit ironic that a 21-year old needs to tell you this. Do you really need to get shitfaced every weekend? Perhaps in Vegas, this kind of behaviour can be tolerated but when you’re back in Vancouver and you’re still doing the same stupid shit (insert coke/ecstasy/weed) with the same stupid pretentious friends (Yaletown is really starting to seep into Coal Harbour)? Um, you’re 34, an accountant, and still attempting to booty call me? You don’t know who you’re fucking with (no pun intended/not to be taken literally). Peace out, mo’fucka.

Oh, and 40-year olds, please do and try to stay away from me. I’ve had enough of you too. WTF.

Back in bitchy Vancouver female mode. #girlpower

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