Money = power = status?

I really need to sort out my priorities. Life isn’t all about the glitz and the glam and the peanut butter and jam. My life isn’t like Blair Waldorf’s even though I so desperately want it to be. Sometimes I let my golddiggin’ ways cloud my judgment… and I think it has resulted in some stupid decisions as of late. Oops? The thing is, I have a strange obsession with money. Because with money comes power, and with power you get status. Or that’s how the process works in my head. I’m materialistic, no use trying to hide that. I enjoy traveling, dining out, and a good-lookin’ crowd. I like men people with nice apartments, sweet rides, panoramic views, premium vodka, who know how to have a good time. But, um, I live at home with my parents in Burnaby and my “ride” is the SkyTrain (lol…I also drive a Corolla). Contradicting? Best of both worlds? Golddigger? Whatever you wanna call it. Not complaining; you can still have it all, it just depends on how you define it.

128.7 lbs

4 Comments on “Money = power = status?”

  1. Jinster2k5 says:

    nice blog steph 🙂 it’s charlie lol

  2. jesse says:

    This article takes a step backwards from the progress feminist have had in the past 40 years.
    Just a thought

    • Do you really think so? How so? This entry is in no way men-focused although I did mention it once with it crossed out.

      Why can’t women use money, looks and people to feel empowered? In my mind, I think that is just as liberating. Yes, some people may find that to be degrading to women but it is also up to your interpretation of it. I’m curious to see what your take on this is.

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