SlutWalk Vancouver.

Sucks that I couldn’t make it out to SlutWalk Vancouver today. It is something that I believe in and echoes an important message in society that “no means no”.  It was organized by someone whom, we, as women, can all relate to. A daughter, a girlfriend, a colleague, a neighbour, an organizer. When I first heard of the event a few months back, there was much controversy that surrounded the issue, especially using the terminology, “slut”, and that many people just weren’t getting why this event was set to take place. There were common misconceptions and, of course, uneducated people making uneducated assumptions and comments on the issue. I read the comments on the Facebook event’s wall and it really angered me because people just didn’t get it. Even some tweets that came up on my twitter feed were misinformed of the event. Was it a pre-Canucks party? An anti-prositution demo? No. The whole point of the event was to raise awareness around the issue of victim blaming, sexual assault, and zero tolerance. Women should be able to express themselves in any attire that they wish to appear in without being labeled as a “slut”. A skirt, no matter what length it is, does NOT ever mean that we are asking for it. No one ever asks to be raped or sexually harassed.

And just on the term, “slut”. I was called a slut many times in highschool. I hated it. I was called a slut by both guys and girls. Girls kind of just toss the term around as a “compliment” (I still don’t get that) or to seriously insult someone. Guys would use it in the same demeaning fashion.  Why was I called a slut over other girls? Was it because I hiked up my kilt too high? Too much cleavage? Tons of rumours going around how I made out with guys? From what I recall from highschool, it was mostly based on appearance. Just because I dressed a certain way (and I’ve certainly changed my style since then!), does not allow you to address me in such a way.  I fought hard to not let it bother me. Until this one time, it really did hurt. A loser type of guy came up me and called me a slut right in front of my face. It made me cry. And that was it. That was the last time I would ever tolerate being called that derogatory word.

Even though I still find the word offensive, it was interesting to see that they would use that word to showcase the event — and I can see why. The way I see it, women are taking this once offensive, slang type of word and playing with it and exclaiming to the world that, “Hey, yeah, I’m a slut. So what?”. It’s almost like  a sense of empowerment. Kind of how the lesbian community took the word “dyke” and ran with it, now using it as a word to classify and self-identify oneself, and also popularizing the term within another event, the Dyke March.

All in all, I do hope that this event occurs again next year in (with better weather!) — such a great cause and message that everyone should hear about.

Check out this empowering and inspirational speech by SlutWalk Vancouver organiser and SFU alumni, Katie Raso!

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Long or short hair?

I’m in dire need of a makeover. Seriously thinking of going back to long hair. And a little darker. And might as well since I’ll be getting my nails did at Pure Nail Bar, facial at Skoah, and getting my wax on at Escents Aromatherapy all next week in preparation for Vegas. Might as well do a complete 180 and go all out. So what do you guys think?  Long or short?
Long or short hair?Dang. I should’ve used QuikPiq for this. Oops. Help me choose!

Wanna see something gross?

My wisdom teethAren’t my wisdom teeth so cute in all of their bloody glory? I wonder how much money I’ll get it if I put these teeth under my pillow tonight.

My last meal.

I’m getting my wisdom teeth pulled tomorrow morning. Without T3s and losing my ability to chew and consume real food, I am finding myself in a FML situation. I tried to celebrate eating today but with no luck. I puked it all out. After puking for about an hour a half, I finally indulged in strawberries, mangos, and sweet cream icecream by Marble Slab. Goodbye real food, hello smoothies and blended tofu…. hello weightloss!

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To the sick bay I go…

Overworked? Overexhaustion? Shitty weather? FML.

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Friday, Friday!

Can it be next Friday already aka when I’ll be in Vegas!??!

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What do you see in this music video?

I started my last summer semester at SFU today with my Sexuality and Society class with this eye-opening music video by Icelandic post-rock group, Sigur Ros. I think it is an incredibly powerful music video that says a lot about gender roles and the attitudes that society exhibits towards the gay and lesbian community. It demonstrates what type of behaviour is socially acceptable for both men and women, boys and girls. As a Gender Studies minor, I am constantly aware of the binaries being presented to us in media, language, and so on. What kind of lens do you wear? What do you see in this music video?
I felt touched when I watched the two boys express their affection for eachother and disgusted at not only the father’s actions, but how the crowd pretty much turned a blind eye, reinforcing the fact that this boy will get the shit kicked out of him when the video ends. It’s sad because it happens all the time. I’m feeling sad right now due to some unforeseen circumstances and the song being played is just calming to me. Sigh.

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