“Scheiße” in German is the literal translation for “shit”. Pretty much sums up my life right now… in a good/bad way.

One. I’m really frustrated with my utter brokeness right now. It’s only been a few weeks since I’ve gone down to one job and I’m already suffering. Job hunting is so tedious and annoying. Especially when you feel like you’re downgrading all the time.
Two. I’ve been really indecisive lately. I want to impulsively do one thing, then I think about it (or sober up) and realize, “Hey, that’s a dumb idea”. That’s been happening a lot lately. Why?
Three. Traveling…is pretty much non-existent for the rest of the summer if I can’t make money. And even if I do start making money again with another job, I probably won’t even be able to get time off. FML.

Anyways, some pictorials from my weekend. (1) Italian Day on Commercial Drive, (2) Game 3 Canucks festivities (or suffering) on the rooftop patio at the Yaletown Keg.
Italian Day on Commercial Drive
Yaletown Keg rooftop patio

130.6 lbs

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