Fulfilling my 14-year old fantasies.

Not what you think. Or is it? You wouldn’t want to know what my fantasies were like when I was 14-years old… ahem, Mr. Kully. Anyways. My friend’s sister had extra tickets to The Beat Bash on Tuesday evening at the Commodore. Now, normally I don’t go to these types of events because, well, they usually showcase some lame Canadian artists and it’s always full of girls that just turned 19 and such BUT I was completely sold when I found out that Shawn Desman was performing. YUP. I had the biggest crush on him before.. saw him TWICE at Metrotown so obviously, I was obliged to go. The show was actually not too bad… This year they decided to feature:
Kardinall OffishallKardinall Offishall. Awesome as usual. Can’t believe he opened the show. What an insult.
Alyssa ReidAlyssa Reid. Yawn. What a bore. Plus, I hate her song. She sucked.
JRDNJRDN. He was alright. I only knew like two songs. Good eye candy.
Fefe DobsonFefe Dobson. Back to highschool days! Surprisingly an amazing performance. Great stage presence too. Loved her set… it was the longest one out of all of them, ironically.
Shawn Desman
Shawn Desman
Shawn Desman

And, of course, my husband, Shawn Desman. Um… I pretty much lost it when he came out. Like, frantic LG crying over Justin Bieber-style. Yeah. Completely nuts. LOVED HIM. I sang every single lyric to every song he sang. What a fucking babe.

Yeah… I had an amazing sleep that night. And I can now die happy again.


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