Did someone say “splatter party”?

For those who don’t know, I used to intern for the Forum for Women Entrepreneurs, a great network of independent, entrpreneurial women. To demonstrate their appreciation for all of our hardwork we interns have done in the past year, they treated us to a splatter party on Thursday afternoon. Now, what’s a “splatter party”, you might ask? Um… it’s exactly what you think it is. You get blank canvas, a bunch of paint, and you splatter away. You might consider this as a childish activity to partake in but no, we fully enjoyed it and took it to the next level. We used syringes, balloons, and pretty much went crazy — great stress reliever and SUPER fun. Hey, I was deprived as a child so this was actually so much fun!!! Can’t wait to get my own canvas back. Thanks ladies!
FWE splatter party
FWE splatter partyDoes that not look dope to you!? I mean, just take a look at that room… ’nuff said.

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