I have friends (and siblings) who send me random shit all the time on Facebook or Twitter. Whether it is random videos about snails, Harry Potter-related material or damnyouautocorrect, they always end up turning into countless hours I’ll never get back. My latest vice is Craigslist. Not going to lie, some stuff on there is pretty out there but hilarious, nonetheless. Judge me if you want, but I’ve been checking out the classifieds/singles ads for about a week now and I’ve noticed a constant trend in the m4w section: Asian women are demand. It’s really surprising (or is it?). I’m not even going to lie, it has really inspired me to write a research paper on racial preferences for men in the ages of 35+in Vancouver. Why are Asian women (a lot of Filipinas in particular) so preferred? Is this the same type of mentality why men, specifically White men, desire Asian women to be their wives, as in, because we make really good housewives? I really do think the two are related.

I wrote an in-depth research paper on Canada’s Live-In Caregiver Program (LCP) last semester as well as another research paper on sex tourism in Thailand, catering mostly to child exploitation in my second year, which outlined many reasons why White men desire Asian women. I don’t know if it’s a little disturbing or angering.  Perhaps because I am both a woman and of Filipino descent.  It just reminds me of the whole mail order bride phenomena which really freaks me out. It just kind of pisses me off that this perception of Asian women is constantly in demand because it is purely based on stereotypes. Stereotypes are socially constructed views which, yes, they may be based on a little bit of truth, but it does not accurately portray people or even entire races. It’s annoying and again, yes, I am aware we are all guilty of stereotyping but still, the kind of ads you see on Craigslist demanding for “Asian ladies” is sickening.

I’m curious, really, to interview some of these men because trust me, there are a lot of them out there. I mean, according to my research, I already know some of the answers but it would be really interesting to hear first-hand accounts. Hm… something to consider once I’m done with this semester.


7 Comments on “Craigslist.”

  1. John says:

    Maybe Asia women are just more lady like…..

    • Perhaps. The research that I’ve conducted have indicated that they prefer Asian women over White women due to their domestic abilities and overall innocence/pureness and obedience. Interesting, eh?

  2. dave says:

    I thought it was because white men were in demand by Asian women. This is based on anecdotal evidence and has no research backing at all. And that it seems there are more mixed couples of all ages that are white men/ Asian women. Not true? Also cuz Asian men can’t make babies. Just a couple billion babies.

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  4. philipino Wannabee says:

    Asian women = Good
    Stephanie = Asian woman
    White man wants asian women because asian women = Good
    White man wants Stephanie becuase stephanie = Good

    Not because white man is a desparate loser who cant even get a hot white girl from his own culture & must resort to exploiting poor desparate immigrant women by literally buying them. yuck indeed.

    • No, I know. But you have to understand that there are many individuals out there who do undergo those acts and purchase wives. It’s not that uncommon. And I am not afraid to make the assumption that some men who go on Craigslist (by the “research” that I’ve been doing) have severe yellow fever and are looking for Filipino or Asian wives. Asian women have been harshly stereotyped, especially Filipino women, to be domestic machines. It’s sad, really sad. And not to mention disturbing.

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