Gimme more.

So I know I asked all of y’all for an opinion as to what costume I should construct and wear the Britney Spears concert tomorrow and after tallying up the scores, I decided to go with a completely different outfit. Tomorrow, I’ll be sporting the Comeback/Fat/Trainwreck Britney look circa 2007 MTV Video Music Awards during her memorable lip-synced “Gimme More” performance.
Britney Spears at the 2007 MTV VMAs

…xept mine is WAY better (plus I’m in a little bit better shape). But yeah, I spent the an hour crystallizing my bra. And to top it off, I decided to re-pierce my navel piercing to really get into character. That’s gotta be the cherry on top of the cake.  However,American Apparel in Vancouver doesn’t carry the shiny hot shorts that I want so, sigh, either leather or boyshorts it is. Can’t wait for tomorrow!


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