Good morning, Baltimore!

HairsprayI had the pleasure of catching the matinee showing of Hairspray  at The Stanley with my mama yesterday afternoon. Having seen the movie version of Hairspray, I was already familiar with some of the music and I knew it was going to be a fun musical — and I was not disappointed! The cast was excellent, as I had recognized many familiar faces in the local theatre scene here in Vancouver. Jennie Neumann was an adorable and spectacular Tracy Turnblad but I was absolutely blown awayAlana Hibbert, who played Motormouth Maybelle. The girl knows how to sing! Other castmembers who stood out for me were Cailin Stadnyk (Velma Von Tussell), J. Cameron Barnette (Seaweed J. Stubbs), and Jay Brazeau (Edna Turnblad). Adam Charles (Link Larkin) was also great eye candy.

All in all, I really enjoyed the theatre version of this musical (and obviously prefer it; although the movie version had a great all-star cast and was better than other musical-movie renditions). My mama totally enjoyed it too as I could picture her bouncing in her seat from the corner of my eye. She compared it to Mamma Mia! (which we both saw on Broadway a few years ago) which I totally agree with…and was probably a hint that she wants me to get tickets for the traveling tour coming later this August at the Queen E. Love the amazingly talented group of performers that Vancouver houses!

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