Dreaming of my big day.

Me, Toni, NataliaAs a little girl, I’ve always dreamt of my wedding. Big, tickle-me-pink, modern, lavish, me in a princess dress — I’ve got to say that not much has changed from that vision. As I get older, I keep witnessing friends and acquaintances get engaged, get married, have kids… it’s kind of insane, especially at my age. A girlfriend of mine is getting married in a couple months and all the prepping, planning, bridal shower-ing (one that I almost blew, whoops) has goten me thinking about my big day. Let’s just say I’ve got it all planned out: ceremony at the Hycroft Mansion and reception atop the Law Courts Inn. Hycroft, because it’s the ultimate girly girl’s destination to get married in Vancouver, in my opinion, and the Law Courts, because, well, it marries my love of criminology with a killer view of Robson Square. And it’s got to be big. Atleast bigger than my 150 guest 18th birthday debutatante ball.

…I should probably invest in getting a boyfriend first though. Fail.


One Comment on “Dreaming of my big day.”

  1. Peter says:

    I can arrange that. ha!

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