Let the dating games begin!

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I was being (half) serious about this post. And yes, I actually did end up meeting with a few of them. Some normal, some nerdy, and some just plain creeper. I’m telling you, these guys have ZERO game. I can now understand why they are using Craigslist. It actually went downhill as my “dates” progressed. Oh my. Well…

1) Italian man. This was on Friday night.He was actually normal. Tall, handsome, well-groomed. Oh, and he had an Italian accent… ’nuff said. Traveled the world and seemed to have a lot of life experience behind his belt. Did the Yaletown stroll for drinks which was awesome and did not come off as creepy at all. +1

2) Nerdy guy. So this was dumb, but I casually mentioned to this guy to say hi to me and work and, well, saying hello lasted like 2.5 hours. WTF. Okay. Well, he was actually very nice. I felt I could really be myself and be dorky (the Harry Potter nerd inside of me) because, well, he was like a super nerd. He got a tattoo on his whole back of Gallifrey (Google it. I dare you.). It went well except for the fact that he just didn’t know when to go and that he was not suave at all when he asked for my number (I didn’t give it out). Meh. +1

3) UBC guy. Okay, maybe the nickname is misleading since he’s just transferring there for thiscoming fall but, god, this was just horrible. First of all, he was ugly in person. Second of all, guy doesn’t know how to dress. Third, he makes the worst Chris Rock impressions (buddy, you’re fucking WHITE). Fourth, just talks way too much and veers off when I’m talking (bitch, do you know who I am?!). Yeah. Atleast he paid for dinner. -1

So far, I’ve had my good and bad.  More good than bad, surprisingly. Wonder what the weekend will bring… Stay tuned.

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