Shoutout to my haters.

WOW. I feel like such a douche for writing a post like this! But to be honest, I’ve always wanted to write an entry titled as such! Anywhos. I didn’t realize just how many people cared about this whole Craigslist ordeal that I’m doing. I have got to say that I’ve gotten tremendous “support” from tons of people, especially from the people that know me personally. I’m really open. This is why I have a blog. But shit, some people are really giving me a hard time regarding my Craigslist adventures to the point where people are talking shit behind my back. Um… why don’t you just tweet me or DM me, biotch!? Yeah, it’s mildly hilarious. Yes, there is a huge social stigma that is attached to Craigslist, I understand that. But it’s just sad that some people are just not comfortable with themselves and/or have major self-esteem issues and/or are bored with their lives. Yes, a majority of those who use Craigslist are creepy, nerdy, yellow fever, etc. people BUT I’m living proof that hot people can use it for experimental purposes as well.

And I’m not racist towards Asian guys. I just don’t prefer small packages.

And I’m not desperate either.

Oh, and just as an update, the experiment is going well! Did I ever mention that a well-known Vancouver plastic surgeon also contacted me?! Hopefully I’ll have more stories to supply y’all with!

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