School’s out!

This morning I had my last and only final of the semester. I barely studied but found the exam to be fairly easy and finished in half an hour (but stayed an extra 15 minutes because you know how awkward it is when you’re the first one done super fast). As I handed in my exam I realized that this was my last exam I will ever have to take at SFU. Yep, that’s right. I am officially done taking courses at SFU! Kind of a scary thought. And now that I think about it, it was so anticlimatic! I totally thought I was going to have another exam or some other final paper during my last semester at SFU next semester because I’m short by one credit but then I realized that the practicum program also counts for credits (oops). I know I did a shitty job writing my final final paper for this lame course I took this summer that I’m totally unhappy about and now I wrote my very last final without being aware of it. So happy it’s over though!

In other news, I finally received word from a potential agency regarding my fall practicum next semester — AND I GOT IT!!! So stoked!!! My practicum will be at The FREDA Centre (Feminist, Research, Education, Development, Action) and I will hopefully (if the project materializes) be conducting research on immigrant and refugee women and the challenges they experience in regards to their accessibility to resources. I. AM. SO. EXCITED. The FREDA Centre’s mandate is to prevent the violence against women and children and is an organization that I strongly believe in. It advocates for the importance of research and involvement in community groups and additionally, it marries both my love for criminology, gender studies, and feminist research. I am beyond ecstatic to be working amongst such a talented group of individuals!



One Comment on “School’s out!”

  1. Peter says:

    Congrats on everything!

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