Dear Catholicism.

Hey you. Yeah, you. The person who is constantly trying to shove religion down my fucking throat. Get your fucking nose out of your little bible and try opening your eyes to reality. Get out of your head out of that stupid glowing bubble that Jesus has his head wrapped around in every image of the Last Supper. PRE-MARITAL SEX HAPPENS. ABORTION HAPPENS. THE LGBTQ+ COMMUNITY IS ALL AROUND US. WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO ABOUT IT? Accept it. Embrace it. Adapt to it. Do not look down on other people who take on these “deviating” forms “evils”. Would you honestly look down on a person and their “Satanic” ways because they are classified in one of those categories? Seriously. It’s just plain ignorance. Your old-fashioned view is not only sexist, discriminatory, contradicting, judgmental, conservative, traditional… THEY ALSO DON’T MAKE ANY FUCKING SENSE. Why? Oh, because, well, it’s 2011 and you need to open your fucking eyes. Please stop trying to impose your religion on me.

For some background information, I grew up as a practicing Catholic. I went to a Catholic elementary school and then I proceeded to go to a private Catholic highschool. I never had a problem with my religion until certain people in my life started to be brainwashed by it. Yes. I believe Catholicism is very cult-like. I do not mind Catholics as people. It’s when they start taking their religion to a  higher, ridiculous level where it starts to completely cloud their judgment and try to impose it on others. For fuck’s sake.

…and they always say that the ones that go to Catholic schools turn out the worst.


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