I climbed a mountain today.

Actually, two. Still on my hiking high from the Grouse Grind the other day, I decided to hike the Stawamus Chief today and instead of the tourist-infested First Peak hike, I wanted to challenge myself and try the Second Peak. The Second Peak was definitely a more adventurous route, pretty much scaling the side of some canyons and lots of rock stubble and branches. The top was notably higher than the Second Peak but less populated. Pretty rewarding. We arrived up there just after 11:00am and thought, “Why not try the Third Peak as well?”.  I mean, we were already there and all so might as well do it. Glad we did. Found a connector route from the Second Peak and was up at the Third Peak shortly after. After peering over a straight drop, we reached the top of the Third Peak. Tons of trees a mini mosquito-laden oasis at the top. Super cool. Pretty much kicked myself for not bringing my camera with me. The view from the top was definitely better than the one the First Peak offers. The hike down the mountain pretty much sucked since it wass extremely dusty and, well, the “trail” aspect of it pretty much disappeared. There was an abudance of rock and branches which made for a super fun and challenging trek down. So much fun! Can’t wait to try the Upper Shannon Falls Trail next time or Black Tusk.

See? You can have just as much fun (as well as a workout) without going broke!

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