Better off alone?

I was chatting with a girlfriend of mine over afternoon tea earlier last week and, like super girly girls (how much girlier can you get when you’re having afternoon tea?!), we were on the topic of relationships. She recently got out of a three year relationship and, well, y’all know I’ve been single for quite some time. But perhaps it has been a good thing. Just think about it. Remember when I used to date Surrey trash? Well, after that, I soon realized my potential and stopped wasting time on guys that just do not measure up to my standards. Also following that break up, I also coerced myself to heavily involve myself with activities. This is when I started cheerleading, when I became involved with the Criminology student union, the Style Spy, and Dolce Delights. Post-Chinese guy, I, again, flurried into a variety of extracurriculars: various internships, YWiB’s Project GIVE program, and just seemed to connect with the right people. I learned a lot. As cheesy as this sounds, I guess the stars were aligned or something. I tend to excel and peak after major breakups. Perhaps it’s because of the newfound liberty and decreased responsbility that I am able to commit my time, energy, and passion into other activities that are actually worthwhile. Men just never really fit into the picture.

Looking back, I’m trying to recall a time where I excelled when I was with someone. Hm… nope, I don’t think so. And now that the fall semester will  quickly be underway, it has made me question whether or not I should even give any potential relationships some thought.  Everything happens for a reason despite efforts in trying to prevent them from happening. Who knows?

And don’t get me wrong — I definitely feel as if I am ready for a new and exciting relationship. Timing always seems to be an issue. Actually, no. The biggest issue for me is that I can never find someone who can keep up with me. I am looking for someone who inspires me, someone I can learn from everyday. And I want to share and inspire them in return (and of course, bake them super awesome goodies).

So what’s with this indecisiveness? Confusing, eh?  Let’s just say I have a lot of time to think about useless crap when I’m at work. Hm!


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