Last weekend of summer.

Normally, I would think of Labour Day Long Weekend as the official last weekend of summer, but considering how craptastic the weather has been lately and the fact that thiscoming weekend is completely booked with my friend’s wedding and an epic bake sale, I pretty much envisaged last weekend as my last. I actually drove up to my house in Harrison Hot Springs with a couple of girlfriends and I’ve gotta say, that was probably one of the best times in Harrison ever! The weather absolutely gorgeous and to prove it, I have a funky ass tan on my right shoulder. Only my right shoulder. F. It was a pretty chillin’ time with tons of inside jokes and, of course, drankz. Half a bottle of Proprietor’s Reserve rose, four 6-packs of beer (Becks, MGD, Granville Island, Heineken), Palm Bay, and two pitchers of sangria. Not bad between three tiny little Asian girls. Never gonna forget watching Mean Girls four times, Mi Goreng, “slaves and sexuality”, late night eats, Layback Lounge, poutine fail, stars, party boat with uglies, super cold water, dying fish, yellow/green ball thing, super long walk home, and girl talk. LOVE IT. To new and old friends!
Me and Mimi
Cookie, me, and Mimi
 Me and Mimi
Me, Mimi, and CookieThanks for such a memorable weekend, girls! Can’t wait til next year. Until then, peace out summer. It was a short one.

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