Big Screen Bake Sale!

Remember Bake for the Quake and the great amount of money we generated to help Japan? Well, it looks like I’ll be baking for charity again coming September!  This time, I will be featuring my Dolce Delights goodies at the Big Screen Bake Sale which is being put on by a couple of my friends who love giving back to the community. This bake sale will occur on Sunday, September 4th, 2011 from 1:00–4:00pm at Creekside Community Recreation Centre (1 Athletes Way, Vancouver) and all proceeds from this fundraiser will go directly to Easter Seals, an organization which helps fund summer camps for children with disabilities. This is going to be super fun event! It is also movie-themed and of course, y’all know which movie I chose for my theme: Harry Potter, duh!  Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I will be making pumpkin pasties, cauldron cupcakes, and Harry Potter’s FAVOURITE dessert ever: treacle tarts! Um, yeah. Harry Potter dreams come true. My table will be DECKED OUT in Harry Potter gear and I will also be donning my Gryffindor swag, of course.

This is a great opportunity to help a worthwhile cause. And if you haven’t tried my cupcakes yet, this is probably the place to do so! So please come out and support and buy some goodies — your help is greatly appreciated! Or feel free to come out and take pictures with me in my Gryffindor costume!

Also, check out the super sweet post on me and my cupcake biz, Dolce Delights. Thanks Mandy!

Drunk texts suck.

Especially when you’re the one sending them out.  Even worse when you weren’t even drunk. Oops. I was bored. Sorry if I ever got your hopes up!

I climbed a mountain today.

Actually, two. Still on my hiking high from the Grouse Grind the other day, I decided to hike the Stawamus Chief today and instead of the tourist-infested First Peak hike, I wanted to challenge myself and try the Second Peak. The Second Peak was definitely a more adventurous route, pretty much scaling the side of some canyons and lots of rock stubble and branches. The top was notably higher than the Second Peak but less populated. Pretty rewarding. We arrived up there just after 11:00am and thought, “Why not try the Third Peak as well?”.  I mean, we were already there and all so might as well do it. Glad we did. Found a connector route from the Second Peak and was up at the Third Peak shortly after. After peering over a straight drop, we reached the top of the Third Peak. Tons of trees a mini mosquito-laden oasis at the top. Super cool. Pretty much kicked myself for not bringing my camera with me. The view from the top was definitely better than the one the First Peak offers. The hike down the mountain pretty much sucked since it wass extremely dusty and, well, the “trail” aspect of it pretty much disappeared. There was an abudance of rock and branches which made for a super fun and challenging trek down. So much fun! Can’t wait to try the Upper Shannon Falls Trail next time or Black Tusk.

See? You can have just as much fun (as well as a workout) without going broke!

Steadily on my grind.

I gotta say, I’ve been pretty distracted the past month but since summer’s quickly coming to a close, it’s time to get my shit together again and get down to business. Time to focus on what I want, time to start being selfish again, time to stop taking shit from people.

In a bunch of other random news:
– I did the Grouse Grind yesterday for the first time since 2009 (which consequently was the first time I ever did the Grind)! I finished in 1 hour and 3 minutes. Beat my old time of an hour and ten minutes. Tomorrow I’ll be heading up to Squamish to hike The Chief and hopefully this time I will be able to make it to the Second Peak.
-I finally met with the Director of The FREDA Centre, where I will be doing my practicum next semester, and was handed an extensive 240-page document on immigrant, refugee, and non-status women in Canada — the area in which I will be conducting research on. So stoked!
– Picked up and drove my new car today! New car smell is so nice.

Anyways, sleep. Contacts have been in for like 40 hours and I have to get up in like 6.5 hours. Night!

Dear Catholicism.

Hey you. Yeah, you. The person who is constantly trying to shove religion down my fucking throat. Get your fucking nose out of your little bible and try opening your eyes to reality. Get out of your head out of that stupid glowing bubble that Jesus has his head wrapped around in every image of the Last Supper. PRE-MARITAL SEX HAPPENS. ABORTION HAPPENS. THE LGBTQ+ COMMUNITY IS ALL AROUND US. WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO ABOUT IT? Accept it. Embrace it. Adapt to it. Do not look down on other people who take on these “deviating” forms “evils”. Would you honestly look down on a person and their “Satanic” ways because they are classified in one of those categories? Seriously. It’s just plain ignorance. Your old-fashioned view is not only sexist, discriminatory, contradicting, judgmental, conservative, traditional… THEY ALSO DON’T MAKE ANY FUCKING SENSE. Why? Oh, because, well, it’s 2011 and you need to open your fucking eyes. Please stop trying to impose your religion on me.

For some background information, I grew up as a practicing Catholic. I went to a Catholic elementary school and then I proceeded to go to a private Catholic highschool. I never had a problem with my religion until certain people in my life started to be brainwashed by it. Yes. I believe Catholicism is very cult-like. I do not mind Catholics as people. It’s when they start taking their religion to a  higher, ridiculous level where it starts to completely cloud their judgment and try to impose it on others. For fuck’s sake.

…and they always say that the ones that go to Catholic schools turn out the worst.

My new ride!

Don’t laugh. I now drive a 2011 Toyota Yaris Sedan  in Flint Mica. Thanks daddy!
2011 Toyota Yaris 4-door

Realistically, my dad will probably just start driving it and I’ll be stuck with the much prettier (in my opinion), 2009 Toyota Corolla S. Yep. But yay! SO  excited!!! I love new and shiny things. THANKS DAD!

One Day.

I finished school last Friday so I was dying to read something other than textbooks. Trying desperately not to get tangled up in my usual pattern of re-reading the entire Harry Potter series over again (mind you, as I do every single summer…not like it’s a bad thing), I vied to read something new, something current. I watched the trailer of the upcoming movie Anne Hathaway and Jim Sturgess movie, One Day, and my instant reaction was that it was the American version of My Sassy Girl. Kind of, not really. I recently finished (as of 20 minutes ago) the novel and it was actually a great summer read. Definitely not something I would read again but it was a nice, quick romantic read. Can’t wait til the movie comes out later this week!