Things are going to change from here on out…


I hate that this is my last semester. Priorities right now?

SFSS Events.

Everything is dependent on eachother right now. I hate it.


I feel like giving up. Goodnight.

Can’t get enough of this song.

Yeah. It’s just one of those days. I think I smiled like 3 times today. Sigh.

Richmond boys.

Even though I outwardly hate on Richmond, I gotta say that it’s been pumpin’ out some pretty sweet guys as of late.

New dating prospects?

Nope, none. Why? Because lately it’s been all work, no play…which is why I am bringing the question out to you guys! I’m thinking of starting my dating escapades again but where from this time? Club? Craigslist? HighSchool? Restaurant? Work? Gym? Blind date? I’m running out of ideas! I like unconventional routes too, to keep it interesting. I’m actually signed up for speed dating next month (thanks Groupon!) and I’ve had some suggestions for Twitter (decent) and Chatroulette (not so much). Gotta add some spice to my life!

Oh, and what about Drew? Wellll…… this week was supposed to be designated gelato week BUT I actually haven’t run into him yet. And yes. This is when it helps if I had his number. Which I don’t. But he does. He technically does. He has my business card/has yet to contact me for cupcakes. A route that I am leaning towards is messaging him on Facebook — we’re not friends. Yet. I’m crazy. I know. But I’m giving it til next Tuesday for something to happen! Damn you Murphy’s Law.

SASSquatch 2011…tomorrow!

SASSquatch, SFU Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences’ FIRST EVER frosh event is finally debuting TOMORROW! I never had a frosh and thank god I’m an event coordinator so I get to go and experience, well, HISTORY! That’s one thing to check off my post-secondary bucket list. Just hope the sun will come out! Check out our sweet promo vid! Can’t wait!