Ya snooze, ya lose.

I get bored really easily. I like bright and shiny things and new. When things get old, I can easily find a new replacement. This also refers to men. I get bored! I am not the type to sit around and wait for someone (well, sometimes and then I realize how dumb I look). I have zero patience. And when I don’t receive the attention I’m craving, well, bye-bye to you. Next. Moving onto bigger and better [looking] things people.

And y’all know me. If I want something, I’ll fight hard for it. Been there, done that…now I”m moving onto someone more exhilarating. Someone that’s not mine. Why is it we always want things we can’t have!?

Can’t. Word(s) that have never really existed in my dictionary. I don’t take no for an answer so if I want it, I’ll make sure I have my way.


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