One week down.

I started my practicum last week at The FREDA Centre and I’ve gotta say that it’s going pretty well. I am a research assistant for one of the new projects that they have currently developed. I will be conducting research on immigrant and refugee women and their accesiblity to resources, in particular, transition houses. Specifically, the Albertan government recently set up a transition house made just for immigrant and refugee women and to our knowledge, it is the only one of its kind in the country. I am wondering why and how they came to this decision as opposed to merely addressing their specific needs and bringing that to the plate in already existing transition houses. I will be comparing and contrasting the two models. Kind of excited. Because of the time constraints that come with a practicum (it’s practically a semester, so 3-4 months?), there was no way I would be able to go through the Ethics Review Board (ERB) at SFU and start my project and report a sufficient amount work and information before the term ends. So instead of conducting interviews with the immigrants and refugees themselves, I’ll be questioning some key informants who are involved with some of the related agencies and merely asking their opinions on the matter (there are loopholes in every system!).

I’m pretty stoked! If all goes well, I have the possibility of getting my work published (eek!) which would obviously be my ultimate goal. I also might have the opportunity of extending the practicum after this semester is completed (double eek!).

Crossing my fingers.


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